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Mirror Brickwork By Mike Cowdrey
CREDIT: Mike Cowdrey

DI Competitions

Digital Imaging

The Digital Imaging Group organises three competitions. All three competitions are open to all DI and DIO members. 

You are guaranteed to have at least one entry out of three accepted into the annual Projected Image and Print competitions. Three eminent judges select the winners. The winning prints are put on exhibition. All entries are printed in catalogues after the event. Members vote for the winning image in each monthly competition.

Thumbnail Eggatar By Kenneth Ness

Monthly Competition Winner

Ken Ness was over the moon to win the July monthly competition. It's the first time he's won it despite entering every month. This image shows both his guitars: a Hofner 'Beatle' violin bass and a Fender Stratocaster copy. Plus a Legbar egg! Read DI News for how Ken built the image. He is currently preparing for his 'F.'

Second was Purple and Cream Stocks by Cherry Larcombe ARPS and third was Rush Hour in London by Morag Forbes LRPS.

You too have the chance to see your photo on this page. Every DI member is invited to submit an entry each month to the monthly competition. Voting is open to all. Email your entries to our deputy web editor Kenneth Ness at any time during each month. Voting will take place during the first ten days of the succeeding month. Entries should be no more than 1000 pixels wide.

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