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DI Welcome Pack

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DIG is a community of photographers where, unlike other Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in the RPS we are non-genre specific.  DIG was formed in 1996 when digital cameras first started being used by club photographers.    This group of early adopters aimed to help one another when little information and help resources existed.  This philosophy is still at the heart of the DIG and forms the bedrock of our activities. 

On our web pages you will find lots of information to help you engage and enjoy your DIG membership, whether you are a UK member or overseas.  DIG Online members get precisely the same content; it is only the magazines that you read online and do not receive printed copies.

DIGIT is produced once a quarter  Our high quality flagship magazine is delivered to your door or read online.  If you are an overseas member then we use airmail to get this to you as quickly as possible. DIGIT is now also available to you online, in addition to your printed copy, enabling you to read it on your tablet or phone should you wish.  It carries no advertising and is packed full of interesting and stimulating articles by the members and for the members.  When we hold our two member annual competitions then winning and accepted images are printed in separate catalogues, which arrive with DIGIT.

To get you started, here is a recent edition of DIGIT for you to enjoy.  Click on the link to take you to page turning software to read the magazine.

DIGIT Issue 84
The Station By Rex Waygood (United Kingdom)
CREDIT: Rex Waygood

Things we do

DI News

DI News comes out the first week in every month. You receive an email alert to tell you when it has been uploaded but the current edition is always available on the Publications web page. DI News keeps members up to date with what's happening, member successes and general interesting information. Also read about our other publications. DIGIT our glossy magazine, is published four times a year, and Accolade, our celebration of member distinctions appears twice a year.

DI Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is proving to be a good place for people to post images for comment, to ask general questions and to generally interact. It is a closed, moderated group so those of you with concerns over some of the more unacceptable ways people use Facebook should feel reassured.

Only members of DIG are able to join. We trust most sincerely that everyone will respect each other and that moderation will not be necessary.

Once you join the page you will be validated as a DI member and given access. This is a manual process so please do not expect instant access.

DI Centres

We have six active centres around the UK. Each Centre has its own web space. All Centres have at least 4 meetings per year primarily for DIG members, but open to anyone, although this has changed to online meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic. Why not contact the Centre Organisers to get your name on their circulation list to be sure you get information about the meetings?