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Deserted Town Centre in Shepshed

Tell Us Your Stories

Short articles and features from DI Members

Digital Imaging Group welcomes byte size stories and features from its members to encourage sharing of their work on the website. Longer items would be referred to publication in DI News, DIGIT, or Accolade. Indeed, a story starting here could easily make it to print.

We're currently seeking stories of how you coped with Covid-19 lockdown but any short projects that you've working on are welcome. We're looking for 6-8 photos at no more than 1000 px wide and no more than 500 words per submission. Good practice for a Statement of Intent. Many thanks.

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Lockdown Stories

Blue Lily For DIG
CREDIT: Melanie Sharp

First Publication

Melanie Sharp realised the first publication of one of her flower photos during lockdown.

First publication
CREDIT: Valerie Mather ARPS

The Creative Camera

Valerie Mather used lockdown to enhance her visual literacy using the RPS Creativity Live series of online learning

The Creative Camera
Wendy G Davies 5 Selfie Scream
CREDIT: Wendy G Davies LRPS

My Family in Lockdown

Wendy G Davies recorded her family's life during the first Covid-19 lockdown in UK

My family in Lockdown
Just Strolling

In Step with Mummy

Jan Lee describes her family bubble in lockdown and how strolling down a country lane brought tranquillity.

In Step with Mummy
Rainbows painted by children during lockdown

Chasing Rainbows

Sue Hutton compiled a photobook with haiku, a Japanese poetry form, to celebrate the rainbows that children drew and painted in lockdown.

Chasing Rainbows