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What We Do

RPS Digital Imaging

We aim to provide stimulating and inspiring opportunities for everyone to learn and improve their photography, whether that be processing techniques, the use of software or the art of photography. We are not limited to any one genre and we support all photographers using digital imaging. To this end, we offer the following benefits:

Oak leaf and acorn

These peer-to-peer groups of 6-10 photographers meet monthly on Zoom to share and discuss their work. Everyone contributes, and everyone’s opinions are valued.

We have seven eCircles at present:

  • three Critique eCircles where members critique each other's images.
  • three post-processing eCircles where members learn by comparing how they have all processed the same image.  Find out more here
  • one Projects eCircle where members discuss projects (these could be bodies of work on a topic, or developing a skill, anything that the photographer concentrates on for a period of time).

To join an eCircle, email for details of current opportunities. Various times of day available.

Ceiling Port Authority Building, Liverpool
CREDIT: James Renshaw LRPS
Print Circle

Folios of physical prints are circulated by post for comment amongst the Print Circle members. The optimal number of members in the Print Circle is 8-12.

Each round for a folio takes about 4-5 months, so overlapping rounds operate about every quarter, making about four rounds per year.

Read more details here

Misty Morning On The Loch
CREDIT: Eileen Sutherland LRPS
Events & Workshops

Digital Imaging runs a rich and varied programme of online talks and workshops.

There's an online talk from an eminent photographer about every four weeks with subjects ranging from inspirational to practical and covering a variety of genres.

Find our talks here

By contrast, our online workshop programme provides byte-size, step-by-step coverage of many post-processing programs and techniques in small groups with plenty of interaction with outstanding educators. You can do a whole course, or just the aspects of interest to you.  

Find our workshops here

Sea Shell
CREDIT: Lynn Middleton Flynn
Newsletter & Magazines

Members are encouraged to submit articles and images for publication in the group's monthly online newsletter (DI Online) and quarterly printed magazine (DIGIT).

If you have an idea for an article for the newsletter, please write to

For a contribution to the print magazine, contact the Commissioning Editor, Janet Haines, at

Members who have achieved RPS Distinctions will be invited to contribute to Accolade, our biannual online publication charting members' Distinctions journeys.

To find out more go to Publications

En Pointe
CREDIT: Suzanne Trower FRPS
Competitions & Exhibition

Digital Imaging offers three opportunities to showcase your work in addition to its publications. All three are free and open to all Digital Imaging and Digital Imaging Online members. 

Annual Projected Image Competition The projected image competition takes place in the autumn and its catalogue is distributed with our magazine, DIGIT, at the end of the year.

Annual Print Exhibition The print exhibition selection usually takes place at our AGM in February, and the exhibition itself is shown in variety of venues around the country.

Monthly Competition Our friendly monthly competition has been running for over a decade. Members vote for their favourite 3 images.

Coming Out of the Shadows
CREDIT: David Hughes ARPS
Social Media

Digital Imaging has a private, members-only Facebook Group for sharing images, for asking and answering questions, and for getting to know other members.

Our YouTube Channel features:

  • Recordings of a selection of our online events
  • Slideshows of Print Exhibition images from a few recent years
  • Slideshows of images from our friendly monthly competitions

Summary of all Digital Imaging membership benefits:

  • Monthly online talks by eminent photographers worldwide
  • Online workshops covering post-processing software and techniques
  • DIGIT quarterly magazine
  • DI Online monthly online newsletter
  • Accolade biannual online magazine charting members' Distinctions journeys
  • eCircles (Critique, Post-processing & Panels)
  • Print Circle
  • Annual free to enter Print Portfolio
  • Annual free to enter Digital Image Competition over five rounds
  • Projects to engage with including Talk-Walk-Talk
  • Active private group on Facebook
  • YouTube channel and other online resources e.g. our AI Hub

Join RPS Digital Imaging

To join, log into the member portal, and click the Join a Specialist Group button. If you have problems, email with your query.