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Digital Imaging: Eastern

Inspiring and invigorating for all our members, regardless of genre, both aesthetically and technically.

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CREDIT: Di Jackson

Welcome to DIG Eastern!  We are a sub-group of the RPS Digital Imaging Group providing events in and around the East Anglia area.  You do not have to be an RPS member to attend our events, everyone is welcome.  

More information about our events can be found below, on the main RPS website or by emailing the Centre Organiser, Mark Gillett

We are interested in all aspects of digital photography; both artistic and technical, regardless of genre.  Our Features section below shows the variety of our members' photographic interests.  If you would like more information about joining the Digital Imaging Group please click here


For the latest RPS coronavirus guidance go to the Covid-19 page

We aim to run three or four events each year at Foxton Village Hall and Sports Pavilion, in Foxton near Cambridge.  

Our events cover all aspects of digital photography and imaging, from camera craft, through artistic enhancement in the computer, to printing techniques and colour management.

We invite some of the top names in the photographic world to talk about their work, demonstrate their techniques or share their skills.


In addition to the this we run joint field trips with the East Anglian Region throughout the year, creating opportunities for us to get out and about with our cameras in the company of other photographers.  

All of our events are open to non-RPS members.

If you would like any further information or have any suggestions for future events, please contact Centre Organiser, Mark Gillett


All events at Foxton are currently suspended but please go to our events page to see a selection of RPS online talks that are free to DIG members.

To see everything available from the RPS via Zoom go to What's On


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CREDIT: Mike Stringer LRPS

Photography is our passion and we would like to showcase members' work to both inform and inspire each other.  

So whatever genre of photography you are interested in we would like to feature your work here.

Have you gained an RPS distinction in the last year, do you have a set of pictures that you are particularly pleased with or have you discovered a new technique that you wish to share?  

If so then please contact Web Editor, Sue Vaines

New for September: 'From Science to Art' by Dr Martin Parratt ARPS


CREDIT: Dr Martin Parratt ARPS
800X533 Praa Sands
CREDIT: Roger Newark LRPS

In the Spotlight...

A regular feature where we invite one of our members to talk about an image that we think deserves to be in the spotlight.....

Gardener's Question Time

Gardeners' Question Time

"Walking around a museum in Southern Spain I came across this radio, well I say museum it was a restored cave house.  The light was poor, no flash was permitted, and I had taken my cropped sensor camera, which does not deal with noise as well as my full frame.  

It was a matter of trying to keep the image sharp whilst achieving a good enough exposure to allow the image to be of some use.  I knew at the time of taking that the result would be a light and soft print. 

In post processing I discovered quite a bit of noise.  In soft images I often just leave it there as much of it will be masked in the processing.   I find the addition of textures and colour wash layers helps deliver an artier look and feel to my images too. 

The final image was printed on Permajet Portrait White, which perfectly produced the the look I set out to achieve."

Jonathan Vaines