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1 Kings Cross Abstract Structure
CREDIT: Dave Balcombe ARPS


Digital Imaging Eastern

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We would like to feature more DIG members' work.

If you have a set of pictures, a project or a technique that you wish to share, or maybe you have gained an RPS distinction in the last year, then please do get in touch with me for more information on how to have your work published on our Features page.

DIG Eastern Web Editor, Sue Vaines


AH4I2486 Edit 2

In Praise of Shadows

Many photographers are inspired by the work of artists or other photographers but inspiration can come from a wide variety of sources.

Jane Moore LRPS took inspiration from an essay by Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki exploring the themes  'imperfect, impermanent, incomplete' to produce a creative body of work.



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3 2 Bar Tailed Godwit Feeding DSC9188

Wildlife in East Anglia

by Gordon Follows ARPS


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From Science to Art

by Martin Parratt ARPS


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800X533 Five Finger Strand, Donegal

The Accidental Photographer

by Liz Akers ARPS

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Spotlight 1 0012

Looking Back

by Dave Balcombe ARPS


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Untitled 7699 Edit

My Photographic Passions

by Mike Stringer LRPS

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20190115 5D 1316 IR PV V02 Glow
CREDIT: Barry Badcock ARPS


Take a look back at previous articles written by Digital Imaging Eastern members...

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Distinction Successes

Warrior Princess

My LRPS Journey

Catherine Knee had been working on her LRPS print panel for six years.  It was finally ready and she had submitted it for assessment when Covid-19 stopped everything.  She talks about her long journey and how she finally achieved her goal....

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Bruce Deacon LRPS Image 02

A Learning Experience

For many years Bruce Deacon felt that an RPS Distinction was not for him.  Here he talks about what changed his mind and how working towards an LRPS has improved his photography.

Take a look a Bruce's images and read his story....


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Spotlight 07

Mike Kitchingman LRPS

Mike talks about 'Aiming for L'


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Liz Akers ARPS

Liz's Conceptual and Contemporary ARPS panel 'Beyond the Bomb'.


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8 Kings Cross 3

Dave Balcombe ARPS

Dave talks about his Fine Art ARPS panel 'Looking Up'.


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Workshops & Field Trips

CREDIT: Jonathan Vaines

Epping Forest

Some images from our recent field trip with the East Anglian Region, capturing the autumn colour and atmosphere of this wonderful ancient woodland....

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6 Staircase Mike Kitchingman
CREDIT: Mike Kitchingman

OU Field Trip

The images captured on this joint DIG Eastern / East Anglian Region field trip during Storm Dennis show that you should never be put off by the weather forecast!

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Hunstanton Spotlight
CREDIT: Jonathan Vaines

New Year Field Trip

See over 160 images taken on this joint DIG Eastern / East Anglian field trip to the Norfolk coast.  Plus a time-lapse of the final sunset of 2019!

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