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Digital Imaging Annual General Meeting 2021

with Print Exhibition and Keynote by Janet Haines

The 2021 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of RPS Digital Imaging will be held online (via Zoom®) on Sunday 28 February 2021 at 10.00 GMT. Please register to attend.

Normally we would now be preparing for the AGM to be held at Smethwick and to run the selection for the print exhibition. We would be sorting out the accommodation, arranging the food, checking that the judges were OK, gathering up the prints and any number of other details. 

Instead we find ourselves making very different arrangements for a virtual AGM and a quite different print exhibition selection. The good news out of this is that we have more space, as our capacity at Smethwick is around 60 or so people, but we have room for many more people to attend the AGM this year - and without having to travel!

So please join us on 28 February at 10.00 am or for any part of the day. Please register to attend.

Download the AGM 2021 information pack with minutes of the 2020 AGM, committee reports and agenda.

Questions for the AGM

If you have questions, proposals or business you would like to put to the AGM, we’d appreciate receiving them ahead of time so that we can manage the meeting agenda efficiently, especially as there may be many more online participants this year.

Please send your questions to by 1 February 2021.

Nominations for Committee

If you would be willing to stand for election to the committee (or be co-opted for a specific role), please complete this nomination form. As well as electing officers and committee members into the current roles, there are currently three vacancies that we are keen to fill:

  • Print exhibition organiser
  • Centres liaison
  • Online event organiser

If you’re not sure whether to volunteer, please do feel free to contact Ian Race for more information.

Nomination forms need to be returned to the Secretary no later than 14 February 2021.

Print Exhibition Selection

Although the prospects for our usual annual touring print exhibition seem slim this year, we will nonetheless conduct the selection process and if need be publish an enhanced catalogue to make up for the lack of an exhibition. Visit the Print Exhibition page for full details about how to enter.

Online entry closes 31 January and prints must be received by 5 February 2021.

Keynote Speaker: Janet Haines ARPS FIPF EFIAP

Janet Haines

Finally, we are really pleased to welcome Janet Haines whose Keynote talk ‘In My Head’ will follow presentation of the Print Exhibition selection.

See the AGM/Print Exhibition booking page for more information.

Please do try to join us for what promises to be an interesting day; we look forward to seeing you.