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Eileen Wilkinson ARPS Anemones
CREDIT: Eileen Wilkinson ARPS

DIG Annual General Meeting

The AGM for 2020 has now taken place.  You can find a copy of the report by the Chair HERE.  It also includes  who the new officers and committee are.  The AGM for 2021 will take place on Sunday 28th February at Smethwick Photographic Society, Oldbury Birmingham.

Gifts for Janet Haines

Members contributed to gifts for the outgoing Chair Janet Haines - wine, chocolate and a "Trackday" where she can race round a circuit at high speed.

President Alan Hodgson

President Alan Hodgson introducing himself and offering to speak to members during the day.

Rex Waygood Certificate of service

President Alan Hodgson presenting Rex Waygood with his certificate recognising his contribution to the RPS

Barry Senior Appreciated

President Alan Hodgson presenting Barry Senior with his certificate recognising his 26 year contribution to the RPS

Janet Haines Appreciation

President Alan Hodgson presenting Janet Haines with her certificate recognising her contribution to the RPS