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An Upside Down World By Maurice Ford LRPS (United Kingdom)

DIG Committee

The people who help to run the DIG
Operational Manager and Co-Chair: Rex Waygood

Rex is currently the honorary secretary of the Fordingbridge Camera Club. He joined FCC in 2003 and very quickly joined the committee becoming honorary secretary in the second year of membership. Rex joined the RPS as he wanted to discover more about the organisation. He entered into the DIG forum and has enjoyed participating and tried to share his photographic feelings and knowledge with others in a supportive way. Rex is now semi-retired and has some additional time on his hands. He therefore feels he can contribute effort and ideas in a team for DIG.

To contact Rex on matters relating to the chairmanship please email

Communications and Co-Chair: Deborah Loth LRPS

High points of Deborah’s photography practice include hitchhiking the Chemin Saint Jacques with a Minolta SRT-101 to photograph Romanesque architecture, documenting rock ‘n’ roll sets from the mixing tower with a Nikon F801 and trekking for two weeks through Ladakh’s Markaha Valley with a Yashica T5. When reasonable digital cameras arrived she took a Panasonic Lumix LX3 to Bhutan and Nepal. The feedback provided by the digital LED and the opportunities provided by digital post-processing of RAW files proved irresistible, and she has been carrying a digital camera everywhere ever since.

To contact Deborah on matters relating to the chairmanship please email

Secretary: Lyn Phillips LRPS

Lyn developed a passion for photography from an early age as a way to satisfy the inner artist! She has a preference for ‘shooting the moment’, rather than planning a shot, and so street and sports photography are her preferred genres (at the moment), with a leaning toward creative interpretation. She brings her experience as secretary of Middleton-on-Sea Camera Club in Sussex to Digital Imaging and is enjoying being part of a dynamic team.
Treasurer: Trevor Pogson LRPS

My interest in photography started when I was given a secondhand Kodak ‘grey box’ camera in the late 60s. As my photography progressed I experimented with Cibachrome and colour printing from negs,  but I mainly stayed with transparencies until I bought my first digital SLR in 2002. When I retired, photography became my ‘full time’ hobby and I went to college to study photography, where I attained my LRPS. Whilst I consider myself a ‘generalist photographer,’ my main areas of interest are Aviation, Landscape and Macro, though I still enjoy trying out new ideas and areas of photography.


Neill’s role is to assist in setting up and running the webinars for the DIG online events. He has been enjoying photography all his life, taking it more seriously in recent years since retiring from a career as a scientist. He joined the RPS in 2015 and is also a committee member of Wantage Camera Club.

Accolade Editor: Dennis Knowles

I have always enjoyed photography, having had my first camera at 12 years old. My photography has given me a lot of pleasure over the years: I had my own darkroom in the days of B&W and then colour. It has turned out to be a wonderful hobby. In 1966 I was a founder member of the Tiverton Heathcoat Photographic club and still attend as their President. I joined the RPS some years ago, then had a break in membership and re-joined five years ago to become the treasurer for DIG Western.

Competition Secretary: Ian Thompson ARPS

Ian stained his fingers in the darkroom over 4 decades prior to the advent of digital photography, which – having embraced it fully - he finds liberating.  He joined the RPS in 2009 and soon after this achieved his ‘L’  with his ‘A’ following a year later.  He is a member of Beacon Camera Club, Malvern, UK having served as competition secretary for 4 years and thereafter as Chairman since 2013.  His photographic interests are eclectic, though his abiding passion is for heavy weather, being happiest up to his tripod head in seawater, or - very recently – storm-chasing on the high plains of the southern USA.

Print Liaison: Jeff Hargreaves LRPS

I have been playing with cameras and photography for sixty years!! My LRPS was earned in a  darkroom. I am presently redefining my photography, and am in the process of pursuing an ARPS in an applied genre for Sport and navigating away from pleasing judges! I have been a member of Bristol Photographic society for 15 years. I was PDI Competition Secretary for 7 years, and Chair for 3 1/2 years. I now co-ordinate the 14-week club photography course mainly for outsiders, which fulfils part of our charitable status.

Deputy Web Editor, Facebook Moderator: Ken Ness ARPS

Ken handles all the entries to the monthly competition as well as lending a more than helping hand to the web editor when she is away. He is also an organiser of the Scottish group and an administrator for the DIG Facebook group.

Co-opted Members of Committee

DIGIT Editor: Gary Beaton

Gary has enjoyed all things photographic for many years. He specialises in no specific discipline or technique but loves to try anything. He uses an eclectic variety of equipment to capture images, whether digitally or otherwise, ranging from Canon SLRs, through pinholes and zone plates, to home-made gadgets, and is still a regular film user. Gary has been active in the RPS’s South-East Region activities and sits on the Advisory Board. Although he now lives in Luxembourg, before leaving the UK he was an enthusiastic member of a local camera club, and latterly judged club competitions around the Kent and Sussex area.

Assistant Accolade Editor: Holly Stranks ARPS

Holly joined the RPS and DIG in 2017. A serving police officer for 21 years, Holly had to take ill health retirement from Suffolk Constabulary. Holly is also a member of Bungay Camera Club and following the encouragement from other RPS members in the club she took her LRPS. She gained her ARPS during lockdown in 2020. Her subject matter of dog portraiture originally fuelled her enthusiasm and growth in photography. she also enjoys many other genres of photography, particularly seascapes and landscapes. Holly also loves the technical side of photography - Photoshop etc, and has migrated from a Nikon DSLR system to Sony mirrorless.

Sue Hutton, self-portrait, DiG web editor,
Web Editor: Sue Hutton ARPS

Sue came to photography seriously in 2010 when she took the Open University course in Digital Photography. Her LRPS came in 2013, and ARPS in 2019. She started designing websites in the mid-1990s at the birth of the world wide web, while she was overseas. She is has served in most committee positions in her camera club, except Treasurer!

Membership Secretary: Jean Robson

I have always enjoyed photography, since my parents gave me a camera and took me to Bristol zoo for one very early birthday. With a busy career and family, I never had time to work at it, until retirement provided a fantastic opportunity to upgrade kit and develop skills.