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DIG Monthly Competition

A fun competition where members can choose their favourite picture from those submitted each month

This competition is restricted to DIG/DIO members only, as otherwise it would be too difficult to manage. (The RPS runs other competitions open to all members.) Please email your picture to You should get an acknowledgment. (if not - remind him!). One image per person per month.  Images should be 1000px wide - there is no restriction on how tall your pictures are. So please resize them up to 1000 px by XXXXX px. (NOT XXXX px by 1000 px).  Winners (and runners up) will have their images showcased in DIG news.If the images do not fit on your screen, use CTRL + or CTRL - to enlarge or reduce. CTRL 0 brings you back to original. Mac users replace CTRL with CMD. (So that is the plus and the minus sign, and zero to restore). Voting is usually around the last week of the month. I usually email out the voting link, or check our Facebook Group for the announcement.


March 2020

Autumn Light By Trevor Rudkin
CREDIT: Trevor Rudkin
Autumn Light by Trevor Rudkin
Early Frost By Mike Cowdrey
CREDIT: Mike Cowdrey
Early Frost by Mike Cowdrey
Etive Stag By Ann McKelvie
CREDIT: Ann McKelvie
Etive Stag by Ann McKelvie
Life And Art By Keith Mercer
CREDIT: Keith Mercer
Life and Art by Keith Mercer
OK Where's The Gecko By Glynis Harrison
CREDIT: Glynis Harrison
OK Where's the Gecko? by Glynis Harrison
Pair Of Roses By Peter Stickler
CREDIT: Peter Stickler
Pair of Roses by Peter Stickler
Winnersh Triangle Footbridge By Chas Hockin
CREDIT: Chas Hockin
Winnersh Triangle Footbridge by Chas Hockin
Dead Tulip In Glass Vase By Cherry Larcombe
CREDIT: Cherry Larcombe
Dead Tulip In Glass Vase By Cherry Larcombe
Stair In The Louvre By John Bull
CREDIT: John Bull
Stair in the Louvre by John Bull
In The Rain By Catherine Knee
CREDIT: Catherine Knee
In The Rain by Catherine Knee
The Winner By André Bergmans
CREDIT: André Bergmans
The Winner by André Bergmans
Frozen By Dennis Russ
CREDIT: Dennis Russ
Frozen by Dennis Russ
Hibiscus Triptych By Ian Mcintosh
CREDIT: Ian McIntosh
Hibiscus Triptych By Ian McIntosh
Camber Sands By Ian Wilkinson
CREDIT: Ian Wilkinson
Camber Sands by Ian Wilkinson
The Windmill At Cley By Alan Collins
CREDIT: Alan Collins
The Windmill at Cley by Alan Collins
High Tide At The Sea Pool By Jenni Cheesman
CREDIT: Jenni Cheesman
High Tide at the Sea Pool by Jenni Cheesman
Doing The Numbers By Paul Bather
CREDIT: Paul Bather
Doing The Numbers By Paul Bather
In The Pink By Yvonne Mitchell
CREDIT: Yvonne Mitchell
In The Pink By Yvonne Mitchell
New Street By Rex Waygood
CREDIT: Rex Waygood
New Street By Rex Waygood