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DIG Monthly Competition

A fun competition where members can choose their favourite picture from those submitted each month

Please email your picture to You should get an acknowledgment. (if not - remind him!). One image per person per month.  Images should be 1000px wide - there is no restriction on how tall your pictures are. So please resize them up to 1000 px by XXXXX px. (NOT XXXX px by 1000 px).  Winners (and runners up) will have their images showcased in DIG news.If the images do not fit on your screen, use CTRL + or CTRL - to enlarge or reduce. CTRL 0 brings you back to original. Mac users replace CTRL with CMD. (So that is the plus and the minus sign, and zero to restore)


January 2020

Its A Wrap By Paul Bather
CREDIT: Paul Bather
Its a wrap by Paul Bather
Gone Fishing By Trevor Rudkin
CREDIT: Trevor Rudkin
Gone Fishing by Trevor Rudkin
Varnebroekermolen By André Bergmans
CREDIT: André Bergmans
Varnebroekermolen By André Bergmans
Ghosts Of The Wobbly Bridge By Dave Balcombe
CREDIT: Dave Balcombe
Ghosts of the Wobbly Bridge by Dave Balcombe
Reed Reflections By Mike Cowdrey
CREDIT: Mike Cowdrey
Reed Reflections by Mike Cowdrey
Me Myself And I By Chas Hockin
CREDIT: Chas Hockin
Me Myself and I by Chas Hockin
Body Forms By Janet Haines
CREDIT: Janet Haines
Body Forms By Janet Haines
Rattlesnake Rehydration By Peter Hudson
CREDIT: Peter Hudson
Rattlesnake Rehydration By Peter Hudson
Class Of 2019 By Yvonne Mitchell
CREDIT: Yvonne Mitchell
Class Of 2019 By Yvonne Mitchell
Working Late By Peter Stickler
CREDIT: Peter Stickler
Working Late By Peter Stickler
Duffryn Gardens At Night By Dennis Russ
CREDIT: Dennis Russ
Duffryn Gardens At Night By Dennis Russ
2020 Outlook Bleak By Avril Christensen
CREDIT:  Avril Christensen
2020 - Outlook Bleak? by Avril Christensen
Winter Solstice Morning At Avebury Stone Circle By Keith Mercer
CREDIT: Keith Mercer
Winter Solstice Morning at Avebury Stone Circle by Keith Mercer
Waiting At Gants Hill By Paula Davies
CREDIT: Paula Davies
Waiting at Gants Hill by Paula Davies
Stair In The V And A By John Bull
CREDIT: John Bull
Stair in the V and A by John Bull