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Courting Cranes By Ray Hems LRPS (United Kingdom)

Print Exhibition

Digital Imaging

The 2022 Print Exhibition

Our 2022 Print Exhibition is now open for submissions until 31 January 2022.

All entrants may submit up to three images and are guaranteed to have a print accepted in the 2022 exhibition.

Free to enter and open to Digital Imaging members only.

For full information and to enter visit .

Download the rules.

  • Open for online submission 1 January 2022
  • Online submission closes 31 January 2022
  • Prints due with Exhibition Secretary 11 February 2022
  • Selection date 16 February 2022

Images for the exhibition will be chosen by a panel of independent selectors:

  • Jay Charnock FRPS
  • Polina Plotnikova FRPS
  • Paul Sanders

Results to be announced and selected images reviewed with comments by selectors at the Digital Imaging AGM on 20 February 2022. Be sure to register to attend the Print Selection and AGM to find out which of your prints is accepted.

The 2021 Exhibition

The 2021 print exhibition was different! Consequent to the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collection of prints had to be handled by Competition Secretary Ian Thompson from his home with the selection panel meeting via Zoom.

Each Digital Imaging Group member was invited to send in three unmounted prints at A4 size, which Ian evaluated for print quality before showing them to the judging panel. This year, members could also elect to have their entries printed for them. In the event, no entry was rejected on the grounds of print quality. 178 members submitted entries, forty more than in 2020.

The accepted entries were revealed in a slideshow online after the AGM and then the contest and ribbon winners. 22 additional entries were accepted for the short exhibition that we hope will tour the country. 

Too Many People
CREDIT: Helen Jones ARPS
2021 Print Exhibition Winner

Too Many People by Helen Jones ARPS

2021 Winner of the Gold Medal and Chairman's Cup

2021 Ribbon Winners

Still Life
CREDIT: Paul Herbert ARPS
Still Life

by Paul Herbert ARPS

Winner of Ribbon awarded by Martin Addison FRPS

CREDIT: Seshi Middela LRPS

by Seshi Middela LRPS

Winner of Ribbon awarded by Martin Addison FRPS

Dried Hosta Leaves
CREDIT: Margaret Ford ARPS
Dried Hosta Leaves

by Margaret Ford ARPS

Winner of Ribbon awarded by John Miskelly FRPS

CREDIT: David Alderson LRPS

by David Alderson LRPS

Winner of Ribbon awarded by Janet Haines ARPS

Kings Cross Roof
CREDIT: Prof José Closs
Kings Cross Roof

by Prof José Closs

Winner of Ribbon awarded by Janet Haines ARPS

About the Digital Imaging print competition

     Previous Winners:-

  • 2020: Hugh Rooney ARPS
  • 2019: Sue Dixon LRPS
  • 2018: Margaret Ford LRPS
  • 2017: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2016: Roger Hinton LRPS
  • 2015: David Thomas ARPS
  • 2014: Valentina Koulagina ARPS
  • 2013: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2012: Bill Wisden HonFRPS
  • 2011: Christine Langford LRPS
  • 2010: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2009: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2008: Geoff Lea LRPS
  • 2007: Stanley Newton ARPS
  • 2006: Brian Beaney FRPS
  • 2005: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2004: Clive R Haynes FRPS
  • 2003: John Colmer ARPS
  • 2002: Eric Bower ARPS
  • 2001: D Coombes ARPS

Ian Thompson


The Print Exhibition organiser is Ian Thompson

Contact him at


The Chairmans Cup - Presented by Barrie Thomas FRPS



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