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Solitude By Dr Seshi Middela LRPS
CREDIT: Dr Seshi Middela LRPS

Projected Image Competition

This is a free to enter competition open to all DIG members (including online members). You can submit up to 6 images across three categories and winners will be chosen from each category. The overall trophy winner will be chosen form the  winners of each category.


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2020 Projected Image Competition


The competition is open for entries from 1st to 31st August

Please read the Rules and Information HERE

Upload your images HERE

The 2019 Competition

Solitude By Dr Seshi Middela LRPS

2019 Winning images

2019 Competition
Details of the winners are as follows:-
Raymond Wallace Thompson Trophy Winner – “Solitude” - Seshi Middela LRPS - see left
  Gold – “Wistful thoughts” - Barrie Brown LRPS
  Ribbon – Daan Olivier – “Just turn around” - Anne Eckersley LRPS
  Ribbon – Ben Fox – “Plaits” - Pauline Pentony ARPS
  Ribbon – Carol McNiven Young – “Bull Run” - Adrian Lines ARPS
  Gold - Solitude - Seshi Middela LRPS
  Ribbon – Daan Olivier – “Ominous Sky” - Anthony Wright ARPS
  Ribbon – Ben Fox – “Cheetah in the Serengeti” - Mary Venables
  Ribbon – Carol McNiven Young – “Illuminated” - Adrian Lines ARPS
Altered Reality:
  Gold – AR – “Evolution’s Conquest of the Land” - David Kershaw ARPS CPAGB
  Ribbon – Daan Olivier – “The Wishing Tree” - Tim Sawyer
  Ribbon – Ben Fox – “Into The Mist” - Tim Sawyer                              
  Ribbon – Carol McNiven Young – “Wapping Foreshore” - Sarah Townley LRPS

An illustrated catalogue is available on Issuu HERE

The Selectors were

Daan Olivier FRPS , Carol McNiven Young FRPS EFIAP BPE2* CPAGB and Ben Fox ARPS


The list of selected Altered Reality Images can be found HERE

The list of selected Open Images can be found HERE

The list of selected Mono Images can be found HERE

The 'Raymond Wallace Thompson Trophy' for the DI Group's annual Projected Image Competition

Raymond Wallace Thompson ARPS was a long-time member of the RPS and of the Digital Imaging Group.  His photographic skills brought him recognition and awards from the UK and the USA and beyond. When he died on 20 October 2010, aged 93 years, he kindly left a legacy to the Group. The DIG Committee of the time decided that a fitting way to use this was to commission a trophy for the Group's annual Digital Projected Image Competition.      

The Trophy was presented for the first time for the 2011 competition.
The elegant solid glass etched trophy was designed and made for the Group by Steven le Prevost FRPS.  It bears the words 'In memory of Raymond Wallace Thompson ARPS' above the DI Group logo.  The glass stands on an elegant wooden base on which is a plaque engraved with the RPS crest, as well as the winners' names year on year.

The winners over the years ...

  • 2019: Dr Seshi Middela LRPS
  • 2018: Sue Dixon LRPS
  • 2017: Brian McCarthy ARPS
  • 2016: Adrian Lines ARPS
  • 2015: Adrian Lines ARPS
  • 2014: Peter Clark FRPS EFIAP/p APSA MPSA
  • 2013: Pam Sherren ARPS
  • 2012: Martin Chapman ARPS
  • 2011: Marilyn Taylor ARPS



Montage 1 V2
Winners Part 1

Ominous Sky - Anthony Wright ARPS, Plaits - Pauline Pentony ARPS, Into The Mist - Tim Sawyer, Evolutions Conquest of the Land - David Kershaw ARPS, Just Turn Around - Anne Eckersley LRPS

Montage 2 V2
Winners Part 2

Illuminated - Adrian Lines ARPS, The Wishing Tree - Tim Sawyer, Wistful Thoughts - Barrie Brown LRPS

Montage 3 V2
Winners Part 3

Bull Run - Adrian Lines ARPS, Solitude - Seshi Middela LRPS, Wapping Foreshore - Sarah Townley LRPS, Cheetah in the Serengeti - Mary Venables

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