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Passio Flower
CREDIT: André Bergmans


Collated by Ken Payne

The following video tutorials were collated by Ken Payne. Time and technology have moved on. There are references on the page to Lightroom 5 and 6 which Adobe no longer supports. You have to buy into the Adobe CC plan. Many people have switched to other software such as On1 and Affinity.

These links are provided as an aide-memoire. The Digital Imaging Group cannot be held responsible if you find that many of the techniques described no longer work effectively.

NIK HDR Plugin for Elements – CLICK HERE

How to add a new background in Photoshop – CLICK HERE

Swapping out a sky – (PS) – CLICK HERE

Smart Objects and masks (PS) – CLICK HERE

Polarising filter effect (LR & PS) – CLICK HERE

Correcting colours in PSE 14 – CLICK HERE

Lightroom (6) panorama – CLICK HERE

Adjustments for balance PSE14 CLICK HERE

Lightroom (5) Smart previews  CLICK HERE

Masks, layers and Vignettes (PSE & PS CC)  CLICK HERE

Content Aware Filter with the XXL Plugin (PSE)  CLICK HERE

Preparing your picture for competition (PS CC)  CLICK HERE

Improving your image from the camera (PSE)  CLICK HERE

 Lab prints – CLICK HERE

Controlling the Light (PS) – CLICK HERE

Dealing with distracting backgrounds – CLICK HERE

Improving Composition (PS) - CLICK HERE

Refine Edge (PS) – CLICK HERE

Remove Red Skin (PSE) – CLICK HERE

Adjusting the Sky (PSE) - CLICK HERE

Free On1 Filter Preset – CLICK HERE

Basic Colour Adjustments (PSE) – CLICK HERE

Luminosity Mask Blending (PSE)  CLICK HERE

Camera shake, Clean up and the Orton Effect (PSE) – CLICK HERE

Using layers and Masks (PSE) – CLICK HERE

Luminar Adding a sky Part 1 (PSE MAC) – CLICK HERE

Luminar adding a sky Part 2 (PSE MAC) – CLICK HERE

Enhancing a dull picture (LR) – CLICK HERE

Blend If Option (LR) – CLICK HERE

Creating a panorama (LR) – CLICK HERE

Dealing with wrong light (PS) – CLICK HERE

Luminar April update for PC (Some Issues) - CLICK HERE

Luminar Working on a Mac - CLICK HERE

Portrait makeover - CLICK HERE

Stacking - CLICK HERE

Remove anything using Photoshop - CLICK HERE

Colour correction - CLICK HERE

Picture processing (Holiday images)  - CLICK HERE

Picture processing (Holiday images) part 2 - CLICK HERE

Picture processing (Holiday images) part 3 - CLICK HERE

Colour correction using Hue/Saturation and Levels - CLICK HERE

Picture processing (Holiday images) part 4 - CLICK HERE

Picture processing (Holiday images) part 5 CLICK HERE

Focus Stacking - CLICK HERE

Creating a bevel mount in Elements - CLICK HERE

Adding birds to images - CLICK HERE

Getting the best out of an image in Elements - CLICK HERE