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The Thames Valley Centre Team

Alan Bousfield ARPS, as Centre Organiser, is the one ultimately responsible for the high quality of delivery of our events. Alan is ably supported by a well-coordinated team of six, each with well-defined responsibilities. In addition we are grateful for the support from other regular attendees who lend a hand as needed.


Alan Bousfield ARPS

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Alan took on the job of Centre Organiser in December 2016. Alan has also served on the main DIG Committee in recent years. With a life-long passion for wildlife imagery, he gained an Honours Degree in Wildlife Photography in July 2009, which earned him his ‘A’. Alan is a member of Hailsham Photographic Society.



Janice Payne ARPS

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Janice joined the RPS in 2010 after obtaining her LRPS, and then proudly achieved her ‘A’ with a unanimous vote in 2015. She has been the Centre's Programme Secretary since 2016. Janice is a member of council for UPP (United Photographic Postfolios) and a member of Hailsham PS.


Carol Drew

Volunteer Recognition Silver Award

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Carol joined the RPS around 2007 and soon after joined our Committee. She looks after all aspects of ticketing for our events. She has been an active member of Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club for more than 20 years.


Alan Cross LRPS

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Alan joined the Committee in 2008 and was instrumental in re-building the Centre to become what it is today. In his time he has taken on a range of tasks including Treasurer and maintaining Centre records. Alan also served on the main DIG Committee in 2014. He is an Honorary Life Member of Windsor Photographic Society.


Dave Beaumont

Volunteer Recognition Bronze Award

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Dave has been on the Thames Valley Centre's Committee since 2013. He is principally responsible for the technical side of our events, and the running of our annual competitions. He is an active member of Windlesham and Camberley Camera Club.


Janet Barton

Volunteer Recognition Silver Award

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Janet joined the Committee in 2009. She covers a variety of tasks for the Thames Valley Centre, but her main role is provisioning and running the kitchen to ensure that all attendees are provided with refreshments throughout the day. She is an active member of Windlesham & Camberley Camera Club.


We would like here to thank all the helpers at our events. They are not on the Committee, but always arrive well before the start of each event and lend invaluable support wherever it's needed. Too many to mention, but they know who they are!

NOTE: Only DI members may hold a position on the DI Thames Valley Centre Committee, or participate in any voting on issues relating to the running of the Centre.