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Event blog February 2020

Tony Harmer - The Design Ninja

TONY HARMER, 'The Design Ninja' ~ 16 February 2020

Despite Storm Dennis, around 50 people came to hear our speaker on Sunday 16 February. And fortunately, the severe weather didn't stop our speaker either - clearly Ninjas are not fazed by storms! Tony Harmer is an absolute authority on Adobe products, being ex-Adobe himself and a presenter world-wide, and now a designer making extensive use of their applications.

Our attendees were certainly in for a treat. For many of us who thought we 'knew' Photoshop and Lightroom, the day was an out-and-out revelation. Most of us had not explored the Adobe mobile apps (free, we discovered), but now we know all about them, and how to use them, and synchronise with our desktops or laptops back at base. The breadth of creative capabilities of the mobile apps took most of us by surprise.

Then there is creating movies in Photoshop - another eye-opener for most of us, perfectly introduced, explained and demonstrated by Tony. This was followed by a session on the capabilities of Photoshop for our core activities of creative still image creation, with a strong emphasis on 'Smart' objects. Most of us had dabbled with Smart objects, but here Tony pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved - not only in terms of creativity, but also as a major time-saver when similar artistic styles are intended for a range of images. Everyone who attended came away with new creative ideas in whatever was their personal field of digital photography, and also some inspiring ideas for trying something new.

Tony's deep knowledge of the Adobe apps, couple with his witty and humorous style of presentation, meant that he gave us a totally engaging day. He welcomed the many questions that came from the floor during his presentation, and gently steered his presentation to cover in more depth the questions that were raised.
We must thank Janice Payne, our Programme Secretary, for managing to engage such a high profile speaker for DI Thames Valley. But of course, our biggest thanks to Tony himself, for giving us a presentation to remember!

Text and photo: Alan Cross LRPS