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Digital Imaging Thames Valley has been offering a programme of EIGHT events per year for more than a decade.

We regret that the Coronavirus pandemic has obliged us to cancel the remainder of our events for this year, in line with RPS guidelines.

However, speakers for 2021 are already being engaged (see below), so there's plenty to look forward to!

Cover Of Unseen London 2Nd Edition
CREDIT: Peter Dazeley FRPS

Blog: 19 January 2020

Peter Dazeley BEM FRPS

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TVDIG 2020 02 Harmer 4 Spot
CREDIT: Tony Harmer

Blog: 16 February 2020

Tony Harmer - the 'Design Ninja'

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TVDIG 2020 03 Westgate Eye Of The Storm, Dingle Spot
CREDIT: Colin Westgate

22 March 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Colin Westgate FRPS, Chrissie Westgate FRPS

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TVDIG 2020 04 Teasdale Familial2 Spot
CREDIT: Jo Teasdale

19 April 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Jo Teasdale FRPS

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TVDIG 2020 05 Gregory 03 Multi Image Board Spot
CREDIT: Sam Gregory

17 May 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Sam Gregory

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TVDIG 2020 09 Davies Cycling Through Spot
CREDIT: Paula Davies

20 September 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Paula Davies FRPS & Guy Davies ARPS

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TVDIG 2020 10 Frost Altar Table Spot
CREDIT: Alan Frost

18 October 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Alan Frost ARPS

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Plotnikova 05D Spot
CREDIT: Polina Plotnikova

15 November 2020

**** CANCELLED **** Polina Plotnikova FRPS EFIAP

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Here are the dates for our 2021 events (dates and presenters subject to final confirmation):


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