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PDI Competition 2015


Held on 24 May 2015. Judge: Amanda Wright

01 Early Morning In The Churchyard Carol Drew
'Early Morning in the Churchyard', by Carol Drew
03 Peacock Tree Frog Gymnastics Marilyn Taylor ARPS
Third place:
'Peacock Tree Frog Gymnastics', by Marilyn Taylor ARPS
05 C Arctic Terns Alan Bousfield
'Arctic Terns', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
05 C Sunrise Over Bass Rock Len Deeley
'Sunrise Over Bass Rock', by Len Deeley FRPS
05 C Sydney Opera House Bob Easton LRPS
'Sydney Opera House', by Bob Easton LRPS
1934 Nash Chas Hockin LRPS
'1934 Nash', by Chas Hockin LRPS
A New Experience Diana Keane
'A New Experience', by Diana Keane ARPS
Baywatch Bob Easton LRPS
'Baywatch', by Bob Easton LRPS
Burgaz Island Istanbul Alan Cross LRPS
'Burgaz Island, Istanbul', by Alan Cross LRPS
Captive Red Eyed Tree Frog Alan Bousfield
'Captive Red Eyed Tree Frog', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
Carnival Stalker Len Deeley
'Carnival Stalker', by Len Deeley FRPS
Delicate White Rose John Lewis LRPS
'Delicate White Rose', by John Lewis LRPS
Despair Peter Hemment LRPS
'Despair', by Peter Hemment LRPS
Dew Drop Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
'Dew Drop', by Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
Dolls Fashion Parade Carole Lewis ARPS
'Dolls Fashion Parade', by Carole Lewis ARPS
Electric Flower Laurie Pate
'Electric Flower', by Laurie Pate
Fairy Ring John Lewis LRPS
'Fairy Ring', by John Lewis LRPS
Flame Alan Cross LRPS
'Flame', by Alan Cross LRPS
Going Going Gone Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
'Going, Going, Gone', by Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
Hands Free Steve Buesden LRPS
'Hands Free', by Steve Buesden LRPS
Icelandic Ponies Veronica Barrett FRPS
'Icelandic Ponies', by Veronica Barrett FRPS
Its Too Noisy Diana Keane
'It's Too Noisy', by Diana Keane ARPS
Lunchtime Binge John Scotten ARPS
'Lunchtime Binge', by John Scotten ARPS
One Man And His Dog Chas Hockin LRPS
'One Man and his Dog', by Chas Hockin LRPS
Pulsatilla Vulgaris Rubra Janice Payne ARPS
'Pulsatilla Vulgaris Rubra', by Janice Payne ARPS
Red Admiral John Scotten ARPS
'Red Admiral', by John Scotten ARPS
Sea Nettle Peter Walmsley
'Sea Nettle', by Peter Walmsley LRPS
Spare Change Please Dennis Durack LRPS
'Spare Change, Please', by Dennis Durack LRPS
Susie Peter Hemment LRPS
'Susie', by Peter Hemment LRPS
Swannery Laurie Pate
'Swannery', by Laurie Pate
The Barbers Shop At Number 7 Janice Payne ARPS
'The Barbers Shop at Number 7', by Janice Payne ARPS
The Hunter Marilyn Taylor ARPS
'The Hunter', by Marilyn Taylor ARPS
Waiting For A Customer Peter Walmsley
'Waiting for a Customer', by Peter Walmsley LRPS