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Millennium Cup Print Competition 2016


Held on 16 October 2016. Judge: Chris Palmer FRPS EFIAP DPAGB APAGB

02 Sunset In The Lofoten Islands By Veronica Barrett FRPS
Second place:
'Sunset in the Lofoten Islands', by Veronica Barrett FRPS
03 Declining Gracefully By Veronica Barrett FRPS
Third place:
'Declining Gracefully', by Veronica Barrett FRPS
05 C Fighting The Current At Lee Valley By Derek Riley
'Fighting the Current at Lee Valley', by Derek Riley
05 C Monk Of Heatherside Woods By Daan Olivier ARPS
'Monk of Heatherside Woods', by Daan Olivier ARPS
05 C Mother And Daughter, Peru By Alan Cross LRPS
'Mother and Daughter, Peru', by Alan Cross LRPS
05 C Sunset Over Chesil Beach, Dorset By Steven Galvin LRPS
'Sunset over Chesil Beach, Dorset', by Steven Galvin LRPS
1940S Story Time By Edward Sturgeon LRPS
'1940s Story Time', by Edward Sturgeon LRPS
Ahhhh By Laurie Pate
'Ahhhh!', by Laurie Pate
Are You On Facebook By Chas Hockin LRPS
'Are you on Facebook?', by Chas Hockin LRPS
Brighton Pier At Dusk By Bob Simpson
'Brighton Pier at Dusk', by Bob Simpson
Castelluccio Di Norcia By Glynis Jodrell
'Castelluccio di Norcia', by Glynis Jodrell
Crab Spider On Common Spotted Orchid By Janice Payne ARPS
'Crab Spider on Common Spotted Orchid', by Janice Payne ARPS
Doggy Paddle By Bob Simpson
'Doggy Paddle', by Bob Simpson
Four Gentlemen By Chas Hockin LRPS
'Four Gentlemen', by Chas Hockin LRPS
I Think They Are Illegals By John Scotten
'I think they are Illegals', by John Scotten ARPS
Into The Home Straight By Derek Riley
'Into the Home Straight', by Derek Riley
Kate, Steam Punk By John Staples
'Kate, Steam Punk', by John Staples
Kittiwake Family By Alan Bousfield
Kittiwake Family', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
Ladybird Lost In A Barley Field By Steven Galvin LRPS
'Ladybird Lost in a Barley Field', by Steven Galvin LRPS
One Legged Dancers By Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS
'One Legged Dancers', by Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS
Orchid By Glynis Jodrell
'Orchid', by Glynis Jodrell
Prelude To A Kiss By Richard Dean
'Prelude to a Kiss', by Richard Dean
Seven Sisters By John Staples
'Seven Sisters', by John Staples
Street Scene By Carol Drew
'Street Scene', by Carol Drew
Sunlit At Buckfast Abbey By Laurie Pate
'Sunlit at Buckfast Abbey'. by Laurie Pate
Texting By John Scotten
'Texting', by John Scotten ARPS
The Bewitching Hour By Edward Sturgeon LRPS
'The Bewitching Hour', by Edward Sturgeon LRPS
The Kiss By Richard Dean
'The Kiss', by Richard Dean
The Man In The Merkato By Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS
'The Man in the Merkato', by Marilyn Taylor FSWPP ARPS
The Stare By Alan G Edwards
'The Stare', by Alan G Edwards LRPS
Walking To School By Alan Bousfield ARPS
'Walking to School', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
Zorba's House By Daan Olivier ARPS
'Zorba's House', by Daan Olivier ARPS