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Millennium Cup Print Competition 2017


Held on 15 October 2017. Judge: Robert Albright HonFRPS

03 Holi Festival Of Colours By Marilyn Taylor ARPS
Third place:
'Holi Festival of Colours', by Marilyn Taylor ARPS
05 Let's Go Fly A Kite By Kath Phillips LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
'Let's Go Fly a Kite', by Kath Phillips LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
Alas By Perry Tatman
'Alas', by Perry Tatman
Antony Gormley's Another Time By Alan Bousfield
'Antony Gormley's Another Time', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
Birmingham Library Impression By David Pearson ARPS
'Birmingham Library Impression', by David Pearson ARPS
Canary Wharf By John Scotten ARPS
'Canary Wharf', by John Scotten ARPS
Cold Feet By Chris Jordan LRPS
'Cold Feet', by Chris Jordan LRPS
Conistone Dib By Roger Norton
'Conistone Dib', by Roger Norton LRPS
Dusk At Shoreham By Alan G Edwards
'Dusk at Shoreham', by Alan G Edwards LRPS
Fence In The Dunes By David Pearson ARPS
'Fence in the Dunes', by David Pearson ARPS
French Curves By Chris Tank
'French Curves', by Chris Tank
From The Balcony By John Bull
'From the Balcony', by John Bull
Going Solo By Kath Phillips LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
'Going Solo', by Kath Phillips LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
Hanging On By Mike Reed Arps Cpagb
'Hanging On', by Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
Happy Couple By Bryan Chinn
'Happy Couple', by Bryan Chinn
I'm Shy By Bryan Chinn
'I'm Shy', by Bryan Chinn
Joseph By Sue Totham
'Joseph', by Sue Totham
Letting Off Steam By Dave Beaumont
'Letting off Steam', by Dave Beaumont
Loose Nuts By Chris Jordan LRPS
'Loose Nuts', by Chris Jordan LRPS
Low Tide By John Jennings LRPS
'Low Tide', by John Jennings LRPS
Lunch Break By John Scotten ARPS
'Lunch Break', by John Scotten ARPS
Misty Winter Trees By Carol Drew
'Misty Winter Trees', by Carol Drew
Morning Mist On Sark By Mike Farley LRPS
'Morning Mist on Sark', by Mike Farley LRPS
North Greenwich By Perry Tatman
'North Greenwich', by Perry Tatman
Not Me Nose By Dave Beaumont
'Not me Nose', by Dave Beaumont
Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever By Steven Galvin LRPS
'Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever', by Steven Galvin LRPS
Reflected Afterglow By Roger Norton
'Reflected Afterglow', by Roger Norton LRPS
Reflection In The Nave. By Mike Reed Arps Cpagb
Reflection in the Nave', by Mike Reed ARPS CPAGB
Reine By Veronica Barrett FRPS
'Reine', by Veronica Barrett FRPS
Richmond Bridge Boathouses By Alan Cross LRPS
'Richmond Bridge Boathouses', by Alan Cross LRPS
Sandstorm Over Marloes Sands By Chris Tank
'Sandstorm over Marloes Sands', by Chris Tank
Solomon's Temple Guggenheim, New York By Alan Cross LRPS
'Solomon's Temple Guggenheim, New York', by Alan Cross LRPS
Spanish Steps By Carol Drew
'Spanish Steps', by Carol Drew
Stetching The Muslin By Alan G Edwards
'Stetching the Muslin', by Alan G Edwards LRPS
Swan By Mike Farley LRPS
'Swan', by Mike Farley LRPS
The Promised Land By David Manning LRPS
'The Promised Land', by David Manning LRPS
Trevose Sunset By Janice Payne ARPS
'Trevose Sunset', by Janice Payne ARPS
When Glencoe Landscape And Rock Come Together By Alan Bousfield
'When Glencoe Landscape and Rock come Together', by Alan Bousfield ARPS
Zebra Crossing By Steven Galvin LRPS
'Zebra Crossing', by Steven Galvin LRPS