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Print Competition



See also: PDI Competition

Our competitions are currently suspended, owing to the pandemic.

This annual Competition is usually held in October each year, and is appraised by an invited judge. The winner holds The Millennium Cup for one year.The Competition is open to all current Season Ticket holders and Day Ticket holders present on the day. Entrants may submit up to TWO prints.

Please download the full rules HERE (a PDF to view or print)Note these rules have been revised since the 2019 Competition. Please read carefully!

Winner Print 2019: 'Trapped' by Anne Eckersley
CREDIT: Anne Eckersley LRPS

Winner 2019

'Trapped', by Anne Eckersley LRPS

Competition judged by Paul Mitchell FRPS

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Galleries of our past Print Competitions

Print Competition 2019

Print Competition 2018

Print Competition 2017

Print Competition 2016

Print Competition 2015


  • 2014  Carol Drew
    Judge: Dr Peter Walmsley LRPS
  • 2013  Ian Silvester ARPS EPSA DPAGB BPE4*
    Judge: Caroline Colegate ARPS
  • 2012  Richard Tickner LRPS
    Judge: Chris Palmer ARPS AFIAP DPAGB APAGB
  • 2011  Tony Mearman
    Judge: Micki Aston MCIoJ CPAGB
  • 2010  John Lewis LRPS
    Judge: Stan McCartin LRPS CPAGB
  • 2009  Carole Lewis ARPS
    Judge: Gaston Alziary ARPS
  • 2008  Diana Keane ARPS AFIAP
    Judge: Micki Aston MCIoJ LRPS CPAGB
  • 2007  Ron Gafney LRPS BPE2*
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2006  Alan Cross LRPS
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2005  John Hill
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2004  Moira Taylor LRPS
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2003  Don Baxter FRPS
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2002  (Winner not recorded)
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2001  Gaston F Alziary LRPS
    (Judge: not recorded)
  • 2000  Gaston F Alziary LRPS
    (Judge: not recorded)