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Digital Imaging: Yorkshire & North East
Centre Organiser, Susan Gibson LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE1*

In 2010, I was challenged to go out and take photos as I did not have a camera, more specifically a DSLR. I was given one to use and to see how I got on. Since then for me, it has been a steep learning curve and I am continuously developing my skills and understanding of camera craft. 

I don't have a specific genre that I stick to, mainly it is the challenge of trying something new and to think outside the box into creating a different look. Photography is for me looking at the world in a different way. It has taken me on a journey into different challenges where I have achieved qualifications in which the skill set is different. I have met people from all walks of life where I have shared a love of photography with and have encourage them to progress further.

Treasurer, Eric Begbie LRPS

Eric Begbie LRPS belongs to the Digital Imaging Group and the Landscape Group of RPS but he has no specialist photographic genres, preferring to follow his lens wherever the mood takes him from time to time. He is far happier when out with a camera than when stuck in front of a computer. After 72 years in Scotland, he moved to Yorkshire in 2017 and is a member of the Harrogate Photographic Society where he serves as Hon. Secretary. He would love to see much more diversity in both the RPS and local camera clubs, especially in relation to attracting more members from the young, female and ethnic minority groups within the population.

Secretary, Wendy North, LRPS, CPAGB

I hold the Licentiate award of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) and the award of CPAGB of the Photographic Alliance of GB and have had work included in the Annual Yorkshire Photographic Union Exhibition since 2013. 

Since 2010 I’ve been an active member of a number of photographic groups including Penistone Camera Club, where I was Inter-club Secretary and YPU rep until earlier in the year.  As a member of The Photographic Society of America I acted as secretary for one of two digital study groups.  More significantly, through my membership of Blipfoto, a 365 photo-journal website, I’ve had a purpose for taking photographs on an almost daily basis.  I’ve  also  made some lovely contacts with fellow photographers from around the world and doubt I would ever have embarked on my photographic journey without engaging with this site.

What drew me to the RPS was the idea of developing my photography through a project, rather than focusing on individual images in isolation, which tends to happen in camera clubs.  I’m still trying to refine my ideas for my ARPS project.   I’m currently a member of the Contemporary, Visual Art and Nature groups as well as Digital Imaging.  


Janey Lazenby
Committee Member, Janey Lazenby BA(hons) Fine Art, LRPS, LMPA, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE3, QTFE(2)
Member of Wakefield camera club, Jane specialises in equine and styled portraiture, her work leaning more towards fine art with her background of 25 years as a portrait painter.  Her artwork has been exhibited in London, New York and Dubai as well as hanging in a Royal collection. Over the last 10 years her creativity has moved almost exclusively into photography.
Her photography hangs in a number of UK galleries, she was Runner Up in the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for female photographers in 2019 and proud to have her work exhibited in Barcelona in Spring 2020.
Alongside her photography and art, she is also an educator holding equine photographic workshops across the UK, building a mentorship program, portfolio reviews and also a new Youtube channel to support other photographers with tips and tutorials. She is also a popular lecturer on the club circuit.
Web Editor and IT, James Gibson LRPS, AFIAP, CPAGB, BPE 2*

I have been a member of Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club for over 10 years and I have been successful in gaining various photographic accreditations which have included LRPS which set me on my journey.  I am in the process of putting together my A panel which at present eludes me.

Committee Member, David Kershaw,ARPS CPAGB BPE 2*

“I’m a Yorkshireman, born in Gods own county in 1946, what else is there to say?  If you were born anywhere else on earth I don’t expect you to understand. I used to look like an anorexic Geoff Capes (the shot putter) but time has taken its toll and I now look like a lanky (tall) Harold Shipman (the murderer). I have kept fish, bred snakes and collected things, but, above all else, I have quested for a way of depicting what I see in the world around me. I have painted in acrylic, studied watercolour and battled with film for over 4 decades. Altered Reality is the one category that I am in love with; I’ve been ‘corrupting’ images since the mid 1970s, but now we have Photoshop! At last I have a medium that lets me express thought.
My best picture? it’s always the one I am about to create, one should never be satisfied with what you have already done. (pictures are no longer taken, they are created from an endless array of component parts!).

I joined the RPS in 2006 and the Digital Imaging Group very soon afterwards. I’ve been an active member of camera clubs since 1974, but the Royal Photographic Society is the one organisation that lets me follow my own photographic road and express myself in a way that suits me. In the unlikely event that you want to look at a little of my work, visit


Committee Member, Chris Russell

I am definitely a photography newbie, to date I have not achieved any formal qualification in photography but I have a passion to learn. As my family and friends will confirm, I have always enjoyed taking “pictures” and I remember when I first purchased a 2MP digital camera, the ability to take and instantly review a picture was mind blowing.

However it wasn’t until 2013 that I purchased my first DSLR, my intention was to learn the art of “photography” but work and family commitments limited the time I could spend with my camera. When I retired in 2017 one of my objectives was to finally develop my photographic skills, as an engineer by profession my photographic road has been a difficult one. Whilst I am able to grasp the technical elements of photography the creative element of looking at the world and composing a picture in my mind has and continues to be the biggest challenge.

Ansell Adams, a photographer who inspires me, talks about the picture inside his head and how photography enabled him to translate that picture from his head to paper.  I have no specific photographic genre just the overwhelming desire to first see the picture inside my head and then be able to translate that picture to a digital image.

My ambition is to learn from all the great photographers that exist inside and outside of the RPS and hopefully within the next five years achieve my LRPS.