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2000 Pink

Digital Imaging: South East

And Who's Who at the South East Centre

Images of Kent

October 09, 2019 DSC00804 Mel ME
CREDIT: Melanie Chalk ARPS
October 09, 2019 DSC00623 Mel ME Mel ME
CREDIT: Melanie Chalk ARPS
Kingsdown Kent

The Team

Avril Christensen

Co Organiser of the Centre Responsible for booking Presenters, managing volunteers, registration and RPS promotion.

Email Avril


Melanie Chalk

Melanie Chalk Co Organiser responsible for the website, ticket sales and Front of House

Email Melanie

Colin Young

Colin Young is responsible for Projection and Technical aspects for the Presenters as well as shadowing the Treasurer.


The Team

And we have a great team of volunteers who get involved at the Events

A small team are involved in the planning to bring events to the South East Centre.

We are very reliant on Volunteers offering to assist on the Event Days.

If you would like your name added to our Volunteer list, please let Avril or Melanie know.

"No such thing as a free lunch"  well not true, at DIG SE, Volunteers do get a free lunch!

Member Benefits

The Benefits of being part of the SEDI Group

  1. Four Events a Year
  2. Prestigious Speakers
  3. Additional Workshops
  4. Reasonably Priced Tickets
  5. Early Bird Tickets
  6. Free Tea and Coffee during events
  7. Friendly group of like minded photographers
  8. Photography Inspired Raffles