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Digital Imaging: South East

Our 2020 Events The Line Up!
Walking In The Rain 800

The Nature of Creativity

In collaboration with the RPS Creative Eye Group, the Digital Imaging Group South East Centre is delighted to present their first Online Zoom Event on Saturday 27 June
Steve Gosling brings us his talk ‘The Nature of Creativity’ He  asks the Question,

‘Can we all be Creative ?’

Steve will describe a number of practical strategies that he has used to develop his creativity that hopefully others can apply to their own practice. The images he will show are drawn from the wide range of his work that demonstrates this, from landscapes, travel, floral  and include colour and black and white photographs.

Under Venetian Skies
CREDIT: Steve Gosling

28 June


Steve Gosling Presentation

Two additional Workshops 27 & 29 June

This Talk has been CANCELLED
Vcbailey For RPS.3 800.
CREDIT: Valda Bailey

3 October

Presentation Valda Bailey & Doug Chinnery

Free Thinking The Creative Approach

L Preston 1
CREDIT: Leigh Preston

6 December

An Audience with Leigh Preston

The Seeing Eye

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