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800X533 Summer
CREDIT: Jan Beesley ARPS

Lightroom with Joe Houghton

Digital Imaging Workshops
Bristol Reflections
Canva for Photographers
A Talk

A brand new talk for the 2023 season!


In this talk, Joe Houghton demonstrates how CANVA, a free-to-use and very powerful graphic design tool can help in photography-related media creation.

In the 2-hour talk, Joe will create a portfolio website, a calendar, and a flyer for a club event, showing how to get the most from this versatile and easy-to-use tool.

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Lightroom Step by Step The Last Mile
Series 2

Lightroom Step by Step -The Last Mile -Bundle


Lightroom Step by Step is a series delving deep into all of Lightroom’s nooks and crannies to build your knowledge and abilities. This 'Last Mile' Bundle comprises six sessions, which brings this Lightroom journey to its conclusion. All talks will be recorded and each video made available to attendees so you can go through the details in your own time at your leisure.

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