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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Paul James Byrne for his image "Rusty relic" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

Not too far from Rotorua, New Zealand, is an historic car yard which contains hundreds of post and pre-war cars and trucks. They remain exactly where they were placed on arrival at the scrap heap. This image is one of a series called 'Rusty Relics' which I am working on.


Paul Bynre
CREDIT: Paul Bynre

The June 2020 Bi-Monthly competition has two highly commended images. 

"Born to be Wild" by Lorraine Poole:

I was at the petrol station today and it was so busy I had to queue. Whilst sitting in my car waiting I spotted two motorcycles pull into the forecourt but these weren't your average bikers. Luckily my camera was sitting on my passenger seat so I grabbed it, got out of my car (still in queue) and said a quick hello, took some very quick shots and got back into my car, in the space of no more than 30 seconds. I just love spontaneous documentary photography!

106323 Lorraine Poole Web

"Pilgrim praying by the Ganges, Haridwar" by David Stephen Pollard:

The city of Haridwar, on the Ganges near where the river emerges from the Himalaya, is one of the seven sacred cities of the Hindus. To bathe in the river here is to wash away one’s sins. Pilgrims will travel here from all over India, this often being a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

64971 David Pollard Web