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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Lorraine Poole for his image "Dressing room diva" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

I shot this image of Tyra Misu backstage in the dressing room of a drag cabaret club close to where I live. I love all the wonderful outfits, accessories, piles of make-up and props everywhere. I was there to gather some background information and preliminary images towards my Documentary ARPS later this year. My subject is the ‘Art of Drag’, and my aim is to immerse myself into this outrageous and extravagant world, get to know the characters and discover the highs and lows first hand. I feel very privileged to work with such passionate and talented people.


Dressing Room Diva by Lorraine Poole
CREDIT: Lorraine Poole

The April 2020 Bi-Monthly competition has two highly commended images. 

"Street cleaner, Johdpur " by David Pollard ARPS:

This shot was taken this February on an early morning stroll in the back streets of the Rajasthani city of Jodhpur. One noticeable change in India in recent years has been the move, initiated by the Narendra Modi government, to begin to clean up the streets, both rurally and in the cities. A common sight in India has always been that of women (invariably it is women who carry out this work) sweeping dust on the streets but nowadays the collection and disposal of litter has become more of a priority.

Street Cleaner, Jodhpur by David Pollard ARPS
CREDIT: David Pollard ARPS

"Desert" by Rolf Kraehenbuehl:

What looks at a quick first glance a bit like a desert landscape is a construction site near where I live. The County Council and the Welsh Government are building a road bypass, which, like many similar infrastructural projects, is controversial. Together with some other inputs it prompted me to photographically approach the topic of the co-existence of towns and countryside, the expectations the people who inhabit these different environments have of the people living in the respective other environment, and the ideas behind and the use and aesthetics of ‘rurban’ areas and ‘edgelands’. Funny enough, from a visual standpoint I find this stony ‘landscape’ with its colours strangely attractive. Maybe it’s just me…

Desert by Rolf Kraehenbuehl
CREDIT: Rolf Kraehenbuehl