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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Phillip Joyce for his image "Park Life" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

Shielding since March 2020 has effectively suspended my usual photography, but daily exercise has offered a few photographic opportunities to document life in the local area.


Park Life Philip Joyce
CREDIT: Philip Joyce

The February 2021 Bi-Monthly competition has two highly commended images. 

"Cash for Gold" by Candia Peterson:

I am currently working on a project for a possible A panel. This involves pre-dawn shots of my home town in Upstate New York demonstrating a village once prosperous now in decline. This shot is one I like but it hasn't made the cut for the panel as the sky is too black (most of the rest are blue hour) and the driving rain doesn't quite fit the grid. It may become a spare.

Image titled Cash For Gold by Candia Peterson; a red brick building with a cash for gold shop at the street level; building is in the middle of the image; photo was taken during the night in winter
CREDIT: Candia Peterson

"Defenceless" by Alan Hom:

Part of the failed sea defences at Happisburgh, Norfolk. The village is at a severe level of threat from erosion with over 30 homes lost since 2013. Over the last 50 years, the neglected sea defences have had a major impact and there is no hope of any solution for those whose homes are at risk.

Defenceless Alan Horn