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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Mark Slater for his image "Child of Moria camp" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

This image is part of a wider piece of work focusing on the migrants who are currently living in the infamous Moria Refugee camp on Lesbos Greece. The numbers are sprayed onto the homes people have build in the Olive Grove camp, which is located just outside of the main camp.

The original migrant camp of Moria was built to hold 3,000 people, to date there are over 20,000 people living in or around the camp. Conditions within this area are appalling, but NGO’s and international aid agencies are trying to improve the situation. But with conditions deteriorating and more migrants arriving almost daily this is a challenging situation.

For children in the camp there is little to do, access to healthcare is problematic and many children have underlying health issues, only compounded by poor sanitation and living conditions.


105115 Child Of Moria Camp Mark Slater
CREDIT: Mark Slater

The February 2020 Bi-Monthly competition has three highly commended images. 

"Damaged Retinas" by Katherine Maguire:

This image is part of my work towards a ARPS panel. I suffer from a disease that can cause blood vessels to form on my retinas, which in turn cause damage and leave behind scars. The scarred areas of the retinas are no longer able to process light correctly. The scars have developed on the edge of the macular of each eye. This has resulted in my central vision is being blurred, as the brain uses this vision to focus the light that falls on the rest of the retina, my whole vision becomes blurred.

By combining two images taken at the same time, I am attempting to illustrate what it is like to live with damaged retinas. Using a 50 focal length lens, an aperture of f2.2 at a focus distance 5m on half of the image is produced to represent how I see the world, with only within 10 metres being in focus. The second half is then taken by changing the focus distance to infinity and changing the aperture to f10 and then combined to create one image.

68655 Damaged Retinas Katherine Maguire 68655

"Game Shoot Kinger" by Ian Wright ARPS:

The image is part of a long-term project documenting rural life in the area of north-east Lincolnshire where I live - an area of small hamlets, country market towns,  big fields and big skies. A very traditional, conservative and 'English' way of life - the project is provisionally entitled 'Rooted' which gives an idea of the working hypothesis . The game shooting season starts in September and goes through to the end of January. I have been privileged to be welcomed as an observer and photographer and have very much enjoyed the conversations I  have had  with the community - deeply thoughtful and articulate people.

56000 Game Shoot Kinger Ian Wright ARPS

"Dave" by Ann Chown:

I was watching Dave digging for lugworms at Rye Harbour and, being a documentary photographer and one who likes engaging with and photographing strangers, I approached him to ask whether I could take some pictures. He was happy for me to do so, but we also had a long chat. He was, until the end of last year, a fisherman, fishing out of Rye Harbour. He sold his boat as he believes there is no future in fishing, simply because he said there are no fish left. He now has a business washing out wheelie bins and enjoys the security of this new job. This picture of Dave will form part of an ongoing project to photograph strangers.


87492 Dave Ann Chown