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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Ian G. Wright for his image "Rooted" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

An image from my project on rural life in the Lincolnshire Wolds, begun in September 2019. The image captures some important elements of my narrative. It portrays one of the central features of rural culture - the close relationship farmers have with their working dogs - against a landscape backdrop typical of the area. The ancient drainage ditches are a prominent element of the landscape and in autumn and winter the mist commonly descends on the rolling hills – it’s a myth that Lincolnshire is uniformly flat. This is a very English area with traditional patterns of life and values; big fields; small hamlets and market towns in existence for a thousand years or more. Mark – the subject of my portrait and one of the characters through which I tell my story – manages 6,000 acres spread over several farms.


Ian Wright Rooted
CREDIT: Ian Wright

The June 2020 Bi-Monthly competition has three highly commended images. 

"Meeting a friend from a different household " by Chris Barbara:

On the day in March when the UK went into lockdown because of the coronavirus I started a documentary series entitled ‘Coronavirus - A new day in a new world’. I have 122 photos in that series. As the government announced some relaxation in the rules in May I decided to do a 2nd series entitled ‘Coronavirus - The way out of lockdown’. As I started to take the photos I saw the opportunity to link the lockdown series photos with those from the coming out of lockdown series.

In the first series I had taken a few shots of benches and in particular the police speaking with a man sitting on a bench on the seafront. On the day the rules on benches were relaxed I took quite a few shots of people sitting happily on them. This one stood out to me because the women (Leela and Jenny) were explaining to me they were sitting on different benches because they were from different households. When I took other portraits of people sitting on benches they were quick to explain that they lived in the same house. It was like everybody felt the need to justify where they were sitting.

Chrissy Barbara Meeting A Friend From A Different Household
CREDIT: Chrissy Barbara

"Aqua aerobics in Malta" by Marianne Van Loo:

I took this image last year in June in Malta, I took it because I liked the composition. Especially just the legs in view in the top right corner. With Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement this image has taken on a whole new context.

Marianne Van Loo Aqua Aerobics
CREDIT: Marianne Van Loo

"Orderly Queue" by Lorraine Poole:

I am hoping I can submit this image rather than the last one I sent? (sorry). I shot this last week whilst on my first trip out to a supermarket since lockdown began. This is just a small section of a very long social distancing queue, trollies at the ready. It was a glorious day and standing in the hot sunshine wasn’t as enjoyable as I had hoped, unfortunately. The white wall of the supermarket, however, made a great backdrop to the waiting would-be shoppers. So I just had to take some grab shots whilst I waited also. Patient, quiet and still - it was really quite a surreal experience.

Lorraine Poole Orderly Queue
CREDIT: Lorraine Poole