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BMC Winners Copy

Congratulations to Armando Jongejan FRPS for his image "Abbot's blessing" which was chosen as the judges favourite this round.

Abbot's blessing during COVID-19 24th June 2020 Brother Thijs Ketelaars was chosen as the new Abbot at the Sint-Adelbert Abbey in Egmond-Binnen, the Netherlands. It was for the first time in 36 years that an Abbot was chosen. This is the special moment of the blessing by Abbot Praeses Maksymilian Nawara. I’m documenting the Abbey since 1995 and this was a very special moment for the community and me.


Armando Jongejan FRPS Abbot's Blessing
CREDIT: Armando Jongejan FRPS

The December 2020 Bi-Monthly competition has two highly commended images. 

"Clearing (50°15'03.6"N 8°29'00.3"E)" by Aindreas Philip Scholz:

This panorama image taken in September 2020 shows thousands of dried-out spruces in Germany’s Taunus mountain region, which had to be felled after 500 hectares of woodland were damaged by bark beetles. A succession of abnormally dry summers have stressed forests across Germany, making them more susceptible to pests.

Aindreas Philip Scholz 116345 Clearing (50°15'03.6%22N 8°29'00.3%22E)

"Crufts 2020 - Hounds & Terriers Day" by Phillip Joyce:

Crufts 2020 in early March was my last photo-trip before 9 months of shielding. I have attended Crufts annually for 15+ years, documenting the dogs and their people during the course of this highly competitive event. This picture shows an owner preparing her Afghan Hound for an early round.

Media Philip Joyce 61859 Crufts 2020 Hounds & Terriers Day