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Twitter & Members' NOTES

A members' ‘blog’ – Members’ Notes

Members have an opportunity to post comments, including notices of events, via the group’s Twitter account Tag us at @RPShistgroup or, if you would like the group’s Twitter account to post the information directly, email Kate O’Neill @

Consideration is currently being given to using the website blog options to provide a facility for group members to post longer pieces, posts that, in an ideal world, could be ‘notes’ in the PhotoHistorian.  The committee is keen to keep these posts concise and of interest to the group’s membership, and in a style consistent with the other group pages. There is not a group member login facility to limit access to group members only, thus, proposed posts, limited to 400 words – the total length of this paragraph is less than 300 words - would be submitted to a kindly ‘blog-master’ who will review the content for style-consistency with the rest of the group pages, and for possible content-clashes with imminent articles in the PhotoHistorian

Hopefully the blog will create some lively debate, however, the actual debate will need to take place on Twitter. If an abstract, obviously tweet-length, ca 25 words, of the note is also tweeted, with a direct link to the blog page, then the debate is open to all.

The blog created by Sheffield Hallam University following the 2019 Research Day - -  provides a useful benchmark, is possibly a bit longer than we propose to post, and the pictures would need to be reduced in size to suit the house style of the RPS website, however it a good discussion piece.  Tell us what you think.

More in the downloadable sample-length discussion Note