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Bonnie Prince Charles Monument, By Dr. Mahendra Bhatia
CREDIT: Dr. Mahendra Bhatia

Winners Gallery

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition

The 1st placed images are shown below

Click on the month to view the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place images with write-ups from the winner, comments from the voters and links to the winner's website/Instagram.

At the end of year all 1st place images will be entered into a further round in the competition and Landscape photographer, Thomas Heaton will select an overall winner for 2021!

The Old Abandoned Railway by John McDowall
CREDIT: John McDowall
April 2021
Competition winner
Two AM And All Is Well By Peter Benson
CREDIT: Peter Benson
May 2021
Competition winner
London Geometry By Morag Forbes
CREDIT: Morag Forbes
June 2021
Competition winner
Last Leaves By Simon Turnbull
CREDIT: Simon Turnbull
July 2021
Competition winner
River Rib On A Misty Morning By John Mcdowall
CREDIT: John Mcdowall
August 2021
Competition winner