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2021 07 11 British Isles By Degrees

By Degrees

How to take part

How to take part

The first step in taking part is to choose the intersection or intersections at which you would like to photograph.  You are welcome to photograph just one intersection or many.

You can use the following tools to locate the intersections:

• Use the interactive map (below) on which are indicated all the intersections. (Grey markers on the map should be ignored as these indicate intersections over the sea.)  You can zoom right in to precise individual locations using your mouse wheel.  Doing this will enable you to see exactly what there is at the location, how to access it and to consider your viewpoint and composition in advance (if you wish).

• Use the locations table (below) which lists all the intersections, a brief description and the approximate distance from the nearest road.

• You can search for locations yourself in Google Maps.  To do this, simply type in the latitude and longitude into the location search box. For example, to see exactly where 57º N 4º W is, type “57,-4”. A minus sign indicates degrees west of the Greenwich meridian.

Once you have selected your locations, open the 'register your participation' link (below) and complete the registration form.

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Interactive Map

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Location Table

Table listing of locations, latitude, longitude and the distance from the nearest road.