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By Degrees Project

Project Update 2022

Project Update April 2022


Phase 1 of the project received a fantastic response with over 70 images submitted – see the gallery link below.  Almost all the intersections have been covered but there are a few gaps.  Two intersections haven’t yet been photographed at all and at several other intersections, the images submitted weren’t taken at the location or didn’t show the intersection within the view.

To enable completion of the project, Phase 2 has now been launched with a deadline of 31 August.  The aim of Phase 2 is to achieve images of or at the following locations:

53N 1W, Nottinghamshire

55N 6W, Co. Antrim

55N 7W, Co. Antrim

57N 3W, Aberdeenshire

58N 5W, Highland (Assynt)

During Phase 2 you are also welcome to photograph any of the other intersections in order to grow the web gallery and to have a chance of being included in the special edition magazine which the landscape group will be producing after the conclusion of the project.

Please note that the original scope of the project was also to include the Republic of Ireland.  As images were only submitted for three of the 11 intersections, it has been decided to concentrate on just the UK (which, of course, includes Northern Ireland).  If you live or will be visiting the Republic of Ireland and wish to submit images, they will be gladly received and featured in the web gallery but are unlikely to be included in other outputs from the project.


How to take part in Phase 2

1. If you are new to By Degrees, please read the About the Project and How to take part links below.

2. Please Register using the link below. This helps us by enabling us to communicate with those taking part and also giving us an overview of which locations are likely to be covered. Please register your Phase 2 participation even if you already registered during Phase 1.

3. Once you have registered, please download and read the detailed instructions and pay particular attention to the project rules.  You can download the By Degrees rules here


About the Project


How to take part

How to take part
57N 4W, Highland By Jean Robson
CREDIT: Jean Robson


Images submitted by RPS members who are taking part in this Project


Image Credit: 57N 4W, Highland By Jean Robson

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