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Landscape Group Members’ Outdoor Exhibition

Landscape Group Members’ Outdoor Exhibition 2022


The RPS Landscape Group is looking to hold an outdoor exhibition of members’ work during 2022.  Howard Klein is leading this project; and Colin Balfour has kindly offered to help launch the initial location.

We envisage that the exhibition will comprise around 60 prints on 20+ panels; totalling a run of almost 25 metres of landscape images! We are planning for 4 city locations, possibly more, with up to 4 weeks in each location.  Maintaining a good regional spread is key, but the final choice of an individual city may depend on where we can get a suitable site for the exhibition (at zero/nominal cost). It is likely that we will start in Edinburgh in late Spring and end in London during Autumn.

Here is a great chance for you to show your landscapes(**) to a wider audience; and not just the physical display - there will also be this dedicated webpage, plus posts on social media (you’ll even be able be able to tag any selfies).  We will be using a new hashtag #RPSLandscapeExhibition.

During January 2022, we will send out an email to all Landscape Group members covering the submission and selection process.  In the meantime, do start thinking about choosing up to 4 images to submit.  The deadline for submission will be 21st February.  There will then be 3 batches in 3 weeks during March for landscape group members to vote for the best of 4 submissions by around 20 photographers in each batch, making around 60 images in total.  We will then spend time on curating the display before arranging high quality printing onto the final panels.

The Landscape Group will be financing this multi-city exhibition, but will be asking for a small contribution of £2 from each photographer with the selected image.

Obviously putting on this exhibition does require some help with a few elements.  Most importantly, if you know of any locations in your region which have a safe area (ideally well lit) and with a good level of footfall, e.g. near a major transport hub or central city location, please contact Howard (details below).  As we later move forward with the list of cities, we may be asking for some local help with mounting/dismounting (½ day each) and also for any thoughts of media which could help promote locally.

Over recent years, and even during the Covid period, we have seen many great landscape images within our group. Now we have an opportunity to show your work nationally, so do start thinking about which images you would like to submit.

Contact details:


** A reminder of our Landscape photography definition: “the photographing of all elements of the land, mountains, hills, farmland, the coast, bodies of water, urban and rural environments, under varying lighting and weather conditions, in both traditional and abstract forms.”