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Grand Teton
CREDIT: Jim Souper

Large RPS Project
Project “Frontiers”

Project “Frontiers” The RPS North Wales Region and the North Wales Photographic Association (NWPA) are going to launch a joint project early next year, reaching out not only to RPS members but also to the general public.

Detail in every image
CREDIT: Mark Reeves
Techniques to Show Detail

An excellent summary of five techniques that some landscape photographers might call "essential". This article comes to us courtesy of the Fstoppers website and makes an interesting read even if you don't spend a lot of time on post production.

Tatra Mountains
CREDIT: Pauline Benbrook
Perspective Blending

Well, we've all heard of exposure blending (HDR), and probably focus blending, but how about perspective blending?  A technique of particular relevance to landscape photographers.

In this brief video tutorial, landscape photographer Dave Morrow explains all.

CREDIT: The Togcast
Introducing The Togcast

Dawn Black introduces Togcast, a bi-weekly podcast offering a platform for some of our leading landscape and travel photographers.