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Tresco, Isles Of Scilly By Nigel Goode
CREDIT: Nigel Goode
Tresco, Iles of Scilly By Nigel Goode

DETAILS AT TAKING STAGE:  (Concept, Date, Time, Location, Weather, Camera details etc.)           

I took this shot from the ferry from Tresco to St. Mary’s on the Iles of Scilly. It had been a dreadful, wet day but it cleared up just as I was leaving Tresco, leaving strong clouds and sunlight dappling the island which caught my eye. 

It was taken with a Nikon Z7 with 24-70 mm zoom at 34mm, handheld. Exposure was 500th second, aperture priority and ISO64.            

DETAILS AT PROCESSING STAGE:  (Editing, Printing, Digital Manipulation details etc.)     

I processed it in Lightroom Classic with adjustments to whites and blacks, highlights and shadows and a little added contrast. Finally, I used Color Effex Pro to further enhance the details in the clouds. It is printed on Permajet Museum Heritage paper. 


I have never been to the Scilly Isles but travelling between the islands from Hugh Town, St. Mary’s is easy and opens up fantastic possibilities for landscape photography. The islands are small enough to walk around and the coastlines are very varied. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would very much like to go back. 


The landscape isn’t dramatic but it is beautiful, especially when the light works in one’s favour. You’ve certainly captured some gorgeous light here, particularly on the right side of the image. The sea’s a bit uninteresting so your decision to exclude most of it is a wise one; I’m less convinced by your inclusion of so much sky. It is quite interesting (thanks to Nik!!) but makes up the vast majority of the image. I’d rather you’d cropped off the less interesting quarter to a third off the left of the frame and reduced the amount of sky accordingly. As it is, I’m left with a very, very narrow line of interest on the land which is where my main attention should lie. 

I too have tried to take photographs from a ship / ferry and unfortunately, I found what the human eyes see the camera rarely records. Had the ferry been somewhat closer the image would have been entirely different. The centre of attraction for me is the buildings with the orange roofs on the right hand side and perhaps, development of that part of the image would produce more balance with more land and less sky. 

Glorious sky Nigel and the composition reflects the importance you attach to it. 

In general, this comes across as a well exposed image. The detail in the island appears sharp and there is an appealing degree of contrast in the clouds with only a hint of clipped highlights in the large cumulus on the left hand side. The dark blue of the sea is especially well matched by the corresponding cobalt hue of the sky. My only niggle is the title. Visually, the overwhelmingly arresting part of the image is the dramatic cloudscape that completely dominates the island, which in itself takes up less than 6% of the print area. I’d be tempted to have something more in keeping with what we’re looking at. ‘Strong Clouds over Tresco’ or even, if you want a literary reference, ‘Storm Clouds over Storm Island’ after a mystery novel by Ann Quinton set in Tresco. 

The processing and choice of paper suit this image and really pull the detail of the buildings out. 

Overall, a very pleasing image, improved by the choice of a matt, textured paper. I would like to see the image printed out three or four times the size to really appreciate the drama. 


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