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Processing Circles

Processing circles

The two processing circles have been established for over a year. Each month one member of the group is asked to share an unprocessed RAW image with their circle. The members of the group process the image as if it were their own,explain the reasons for their editing approach and share their edited images and notes with the other members of the circle.

Our two processing circles are managed by Irene Stupples and Jim Stupples.

The processing circles recently introduced Zoom meetings to enable group discussions and the exchange of ideas. These are working really well. The author of the image processed that month shows their RAW image, the processed versions from the other members and also their edited version. It has been fascinating seeing how different people approach the editing of the same image. The meeting finishes with the author of the image for the following month showing their image and giving some background information eg where it was taken and why they took it.


Original image, unprocessed RAW by Fiona McCowan

Image as processed by Irene Stupples

Image as processed by Mark Reeves


If anyone has any questions on the circles or are interested in joining please contact me by email




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