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Perfect Reflection

20/20 cancellation

This year's Travel Group Spring Weekend provides a number of different opportunities for Group members.

There will be talks by experienced and successful travel photographers who will share not only their destinations but some of their techniques and whose work is quite different from each other's.

Saturday brings Sue O'Connell and Peter Brisley to us. You will probably have seen their names in the list of award winners in the TPOTY and other such renowned competitions and just a few years ago Sue won the 'Bring a Print' competition at a Spring Weekend in Runnymede.

On Sunday we will be joined by Will Cheung whose work and style are different from that of Sue and Peter: often city based and taken unobtrusively.

These talks will be supplemented by input from our own members, whether about learning how to interpret the Society's requirements to achieve a successful 'A' Panel or about the challenges of social photography, we expect there to be something of interest to all members.

A trio of members who live fairly locally are preparing photoshoots for the Friday afternoon and Sunday after the AGM, so there's a chance to get into some interesting locations in Bristol with your camera - aided by local knowledge.

And, of course, there will be the opportunity to meet Group members from areas other than your own and to contribute to the Group's thinking regarding future activities. You may even be inspired to volunteer!

The AGM on Sunday afternoon gives us the chance to think about what the Group has achieved, is achieving and could achieve as we try to deal with the formalities and think outside the box.


The Travel Group Annual Dinner this year is being held in the Kiln Restaurant at the Hilton Hotel in Bristol on Saturday, April 18th.

This will be no stuffy, formal event, but will provide a fairly relaxed opportunity to mix with other group members and some of the team from RPS House. We'll all be able to put faces to names for once! And, hopefully, that will spur us on to further Group development.

It will be all the better for having many of those attending the weekend participating and will cost little more than a meal in one of Bristol's restaurants.

Partners are very welcome - even if they are not Travel Group members and not joining other activities with us over the weekend.

So book your tickets now : it's never been easier!

At the same time, if you need overnight accommodation, you might like to look at where you will find the negotiated rates for those attending 20/20Vision

The Travel Group AGM will be held at RPS House, The Paintworks, Bristol on Sunday, 19th April 2020.

The Agenda and Nomination form can be downloaded here

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Our photographic journey

Two photographers, two takes on the world. Husband and wife team,

Sue O'Connell FIPF, ARPS and Peter Brisley ARPS are inveterate travellers, never happier than camping with Tuareg in the Sahara, trekking in the Empty Quarter or sharing a ger with Eagle Hunters in Mongolia. They will show a range oftheir work and discuss their individual approaches as well as telling the stories behind some of their award winning images.

Their work has appeared widely in the photographic press and hasbeen exhibited at RPS HQ, the Royal Geographical Society and Photokina,Germany.

They have regularly received awards in competitions including National Geographic Traveller, Travel Photographer of the Year, and Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year, as well as in numerous international salons.

A link to Sue's website is below and Peter's is here.


Visit Sue's website
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Will Cheung FRPS

In my talks I take the audience through my techniques - camera and visual- for taking pictures to be proud of. My approach to travel photography is a typically realistic one for a working person so a mix of business trips and group photography holidays and it is learning how to shoot within - and enjoy - the limitations of such trips. So, for example, I am not always at great locations in the best light nor do I have time to linger for hours waiting for aray of sunlight. Often it’s about making do - and still getting great pictures.


Visit Will's website



Watch this space:

for more information about Debbie Ireland's contribution,

Safeena's 'Affinity'

and Kath's 'I'd never have thought...'

as well as the ever popular 'Bring a Print' competition where you are invited to submit one print on each day.

Girl Talk
CREDIT: Jeremy Richards
Bring a Print Competition Rules
You are invited to bring two prints with you – one for Saturday and one for Sunday.
These must be on a Travel theme and your own work. Your identity should not be visible on the face. They must be mounted for display (max size 500x400mm) but not framed. They should not have won or been placed in any prior competitions.
You will hand them in during Registration and must collect them before leaving the event