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Many thanks to all 39 members that contributed an image for our monthly competition (November 2019). The response by the Travel Group community was an informative glimpse into the diverse range of people and places that we, as photographers have visited, as well as real insight into what our interpretation of travel photography is. 

There were some outstanding images submitted, and the unenviable task of selecting a winner for the month fell to Richard Lewis ARPS, a long-standing member of the Travel Group committee. Richard commented that

"All the images submitted for this inaugural Travel Group monthly competition were of a high standard, and several were strong contenders to win it.

After careful consideration I selected the winner as A Touareg's Welcome. The RPS characterises 

Travel photography as communicating a sense of place. I believe the winning image met this criterion very strongly. 

The pose of the subject, the facial expression, the background location, lighting and texture all combined to emphasise the sense of place. In addition, the image was technically of a high standard."

So congratulations to Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski for his image. This shot will go forward to our overall winners gallery. We hope to revise the competition site to include all author’s names in the near future and thank you to all that contributed, there are some very talented photographers out there. 

We will be publishing images for the December competition in due course, so please send your shots to Closing date will be 28th December 2019 and the judge will again be Richard Lewis ARPS.

Orchha Sunset Ian Wright
CREDIT: Dec 2019 : Ian Wright ARPS
Orchha Sunrise
December 2019
A Touareg's Welcome
CREDIT:  November 2019: Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski

A Touareg's Welcome

Alpujarra Sunrisejpg
CREDIT: Bryan Timmons

Aljapurra Sunrise

Arctic Icejpg
CREDIT: Jane Murphy

Arctic Ice

Berber In The Sahara Desert
CREDIT: Graham Vulliamy

Berber in the Desert

Brooklyn Bridge And Manhattan
CREDIT: Martin Reece

Brooklyn Bridge

Cremation Ghat Varanasi
CREDIT: David Pollard

Cremation Ghats

Croatian Alleyway
CREDIT: Richard Burn

Croatian Alley

Dungeness Lightjpg
CREDIT: Tom Lloyd

Dungeness Lighthouse

In The Marrakech Souks
CREDIT: Steve Day

In the Marrakech souk

Monk Kathmandu
CREDIT: Sandra Mason

Monk Kathmandu

Mongolian Girl
CREDIT: Andrew Mills

Near Ulan Baatar, Mongolia

Early Morning On The Mekong River
CREDIT: John Minter

Early morning on the Mekong River

Metro Stations Of Tashkent Uzbekistanjpg
CREDIT: Ian Barker

Metro Station

Kirkjufell Iceland
CREDIT: Sue Hutton

Kirkjufell Iceland

Jamal And His Emporium In The Muttrah Souk
CREDIT: Justin Cliffe

Jamal and his Emporium in the Mattrah Souk

Victoria Falls
CREDIT: Andy Kumaria

Victoria Falls

I Am Board
CREDIT: Liz Bugg

I am Bored

Horizon On Fire
CREDIT: Stephen McDonald

Horizon on Fire

Fisherman On The Caramel Lake
CREDIT: Rob Morgan

Fisherman on the Caramel Lake

Morning At The Hani Rice Terraces
CREDIT: Sandy Fothergill

Morning at the Hani Rice Terraces

Novice Nun Myanmar
CREDIT: Dennis Anguige

Novice Nun, Loikaw, Myanmar

Palm Oil Production
CREDIT: David Portwain

Palm Oil Production

Polar Wilderness
CREDIT: Andrew Gasson

Polar Wilderness

Santa Monica Surfer
CREDIT: Valerie Mather

Santa Monica surfer

Whatcom Creek
CREDIT: Donald Simpson

Whatcom Creek

Tashkent Loafer
CREDIT: Neil Harris

Tashkent Loafer

Street In Portojpeg
CREDIT: Mark Zylinski

Street in Porto

Sunset From The Old Pottery Village
CREDIT: Alistair Cowan

Sunset over Old Bagan

Taj Mahal
CREDIT: Chris Page

Taj Mahal

Temple View Northern Thailand
CREDIT: Kath Phillips

Temple View Northern Thailand

Western Australia Outback
CREDIT: Eric Wallbank

Western Australia Outback Dirt Road

Welcome Dance Of The Maasai Peoplejpg
CREDIT: Tony Au Yeong

Welcome Dance of the Maasai people

Walking Through The Fort Jodhpur India
CREDIT: Stu Thompson

Walking Through the Fort Jodhpur India

The Charcoal Man
CREDIT: John Clare

The Charcoal Man

Three Generationsjpg
CREDIT: Lorraine Grey

Three Generations

Tokyo By Day
CREDIT: Kim Burrows

Tokyo by Day

Spring In Tokyojpg
CREDIT: Refia Elif Yigit

Spring in Tokyo

Samarkand Registan Square
CREDIT: Andy Pinch

Samarkand Registan Square

Pilgrims, Alchi, Ladakh
CREDIT: Ian Wright

Pilgrims, Alchi, Ladakh

Best Friends Peter Yendell
CREDIT: Peter Yendell

Best Friends