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Perfect Reflection


Travelling on about six cruises a year for Cruise & Maritime Voyages gives me the chance to take many photos and to share my hobby with others as I provide Lectures and Workshops on the subject.

I am no expert and do not teach 'Photography - the correct way' but I hope to inspire others by showing them 'my way'. No not a cue for a song but it brings together all that I enjoy, Travel, Photography, Meeting People and being looked after by my wife and the wonderful crew aboard the ships.


SECRETARY: John Speller

John started taking photographs while at school and has passed through the stages of a home darkroom processing black and white prints and latterly colour prints and reversal in the family bathroom. He has now progressed to a 4th generation digital camera and lightroom in the spare bedroom.

Having now retired he has more time to be able to take more images, balancing those that please him against those which are required to succeed in the market, competitions or distinctions panels.


Justin joined the RPS - and the Documentary Group - about 10 years ago, when his interest was principally in street photography. He was their Treasurer for 8 years, during which time he gained his LRPS - with a travel-based panel.

Retirement offered the opportunity to satisfy his wanderlust - but on a much more leisurely basis so he joined the Travel Group in 2018.

He was awarded his ARPS in 2019 for his panel of images taken in and around the City of London – showing, however, that travel begins at home.

In 2020, Justin joined the Travel Group committee and in 2021 became its Treasurer.

Richard Lewis ARPS
Richard has been a member of the Travel Group ever since he joined the RPS in 2008, and has been involved with the Committee for most of that time. His interest in photography goes back to school days. While working as an engineer, he travelled extensively but the shortness of most trips precluded serious photography. Retirement gave him more time to engage with digital photography and indulge in his prime passion – travel. From a trip to Ladakh in northern India he successfully developed an Associateship panel.



Kath first used a camera when she was very young but bought her first serious camera (Pentax K1000 SLR) for a trip to India and Israel as the result of a Goldsmiths' Company Travelling Grant in 1977. She was hooked from then on! Travelling and photography have featured large in her life since and she was delighted in 2018 to be able to return to Israel in search of images for an A panel.

Gareth Hughes

Gareth has been taking photographs for over 50 years and through business and leisure has visited over 90 countries and 49 of the 50 US States. He is a member of Thames Valley Regional Committee and has been a volunteer with the RPS for 7 years. Gareth is also interested in the history of Photography with 2000+ copies of Amateur Photographer dating back to the 19th Century and examples of every Nikon pre 2000. His main geographic interests are India, SE Asia and South America and aims to produce images that have some meaning.

As a member of the committee, he is leading the Group's consideration of Social and Environmental issues.


Given his first camera at the age of 8, Steve has been taking photographs of people and places all over the world. In recent years the opportunities to travel and record the wonders of different parts of the planet has only increased, and this has enabled him to visit places as diverse as Iceland, Borneo, China, Kenya, the Azores and the USA.

He gained his LRPS in 2018, and is actively working towards his ARPS by focusing on more local environments in the North Midlands of England.