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CREDIT: Barbara Bogacka
June 2019 - Dancing
Barbara Bogack
Feching Water
CREDIT: Paul Sansome
July 2019 - Fetching Water
Paul Sansome
Girl Waiting
August 2019 - Girl Waiting
Nubra Valley Archer
CREDIT: Lorraine Grey
September 2019 - Nubra Valley Archer
Lorraine Grey
Red Canyon, Wyoming
CREDIT: Roy Morris
October 2019 - Red Canyon, Wyoming
Roy Morris
A Touareg's Welcome
CREDIT: Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski

A Touareg's Welcome

A Touareg's Welcome - Andrew Brocwicz- Lewinski

Our judge Richard Lewis ARPS commented

"All the images submitted for this inaugural Travel Group monthly competition were of a high standard, and several were strong contenders to win it.

After careful consideration I selected the winner as A Touareg's Welcome. The RPS characterises 

Travel photography as communicating a sense of place. I believe the winning image met this criterion very strongly. 

The pose of the subject, the facial expression, the background location, lighting and texture all combined to emphasise the sense of place. In addition, the image was technically of a high standard."


Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

Nov 2019 TIoM
Orchha Sunset

Orchha Sunset

Orchha Sunset - Ian Wright ARPS

Our judge commented

"My decision on the winner is Orchha Sunset. This was a difficult decision as several images were strong candidates to win. However Orchha Sunset came through as an interesting image that strongly conveys a sense of place as well as capturing human interest and activity.

The industry of the clothes being washed contrasts with the bored look of the accompanying but detached child. Also, I liked the balance leading from the foreground, through the figure in the water, to the rather grand building in the background."


Click below for the full Gallery of submitted images this month.

Dec 2019 TIoM