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What's On

Including our Bristol media space, national and international events


The RPS runs hundreds of events a year. These include those created and often hosted by our RPS House Bristol team such as world-class exhibitions, workshops, Distinctions assessments, talks, festivals, symposiums and film-screenings. There are also many volunteer led activities across the UK/world. These volunteer events can offer the opportunity to enjoy field trips, meetings, workshops, talks and other events with fellow photographers in your local area or in specific genres of photography in which you may be interested. Events in bold are organised/co-organised/administered by our Bristol HQ team. If you have any questions regarding these events, please use the contact details on the page for the event or our main switchboard 0117 3164450/ Sold out events are not included below.

Bristol events

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Sugar Paper Theories: Jack Latham

Location: RPS House, Bristol

Closes: 26 January 2020

Sugar Paper Theories sees Bristol-based photographer Jack Latham, immerse himself in the most controversial murder investigation in Icelandic history, the Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case. From meeting key protagonists to locating and photographing key sites of the investigation, the project brings together original photographs with a range of archival and documentary materials to explore the fundamental relationship between photography and truth.

From police files to conspiracy theories, forensic science to the notion of ‘Memory Distrust Syndrome,’ Latham’s project plays on issues of certainty and uncertainty, the unreliability of memory, and the power of suggestion.

Sugar Paper Theories has only previously been exhibited at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography. The show presented at The Royal Photographic Society is an enlarged version, with new work created especially for this exhibition.

Closing date extended to 26 January 2019.


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Sugar Paper Theories: Jack Latham Exhibition. Closes 26 January 2020

Miniclick - Guy Martin. 10 December 2019

Talk: On Assignment with Wiltshire Air Ambulance. 9 January 2020

Pop-up Display: On Assignment with Wiltshire Air Ambulance. 9 January 2020

Documentary Photographer of the Year 2019. 11 January 2020

Introduction to your Digital Camera Workshop. 1 February 2020

Introduction to Photoshop Workshop. 2 February 2020

Introduction to Lightroom Workshop. 8 February 2020

Printing with Lightroom Workshop. 9 February 2020

The Art of Seeing Workshop. 12 February 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Documentary Photography. 19 February 2020

FRPS Distinctions Assessment - Documentary Photography. 20 February 2020

Starting with a Blank Canvas: Polina Plotnikova ARPS. 23 February 2020

Two Day Photoshop Workshop. 29 February 2020

LRPS Distinctions Assessment. 4 March 2020

LRPS Distinctions Assessment. 5 March 2020

The Intimate Landscape with Tony Worobiec FRPS. 7 March 2020

Introduction to Night Photography - Bristol. 7 March 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Fine Art Photography. 10 March 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Fine Art Photography. 11 March 2020

FRPS Distinctions Assessment - Fine Art Photography. 11 March 2020

Build your own Website with Squarespace. 12 March 2020

Landscape Group Symposium and AGM. 21 March 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Travel Photography. 24 March 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Travel Photography. 25 March 2020

FRPS Distinctions Assessment - Travel Photography. 25 March 2020

LRPS Distinctions Assessment. 1 April 2020

LRPS Distinctions Assessment. 2 April 2020

Introduction to Lightroom. 4 April 2020

Design and Develop a Photobook with Tim Daly. 5 April 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Natural History Photography. 8 April 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Natural History Photography. 9 April 2020

FRPS Distinctions Assessment - Natural History Photography. 9 April 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Conceptual and Contemporary Photography. 22 April 2020

ARPS Distinctions Assessment - Conceptual and Contemporary Photography. 23 April 2020

FRPS Distinctions Assessment - Conceptual and Contemporary Photography. 23 April 2020

Light Painting with Michelle Essenson. 9 May 2020

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UK events

David Spears ASIS FRPS

SPOTY Exhibition

Location: Science Museum, London
Closes: 5 January 2020

Bringing together science and art, this exhibition celebrates the wonders of the scientific world with everything from space to the human body. 

View the world through a scientific lens in a playful yet illuminating study of everyday materials from the structure of a soap bubbles to the unexpected formations of face cream.

This exhibition also sheds light on some more serious questions for which we often look to science for answers, with thought-provoking images exploring human health, environmental conservation and the protection of endangered wildlife.

The Science Photographer of the Year was Morgan Trimble from South Africa and the Young Science Photographer of the Year was Jason Chen from the USA.

To see the 2019 winners work please click here

Entry for the 2020 competition will open early in the New Year.


Admission is free to the exhibition but you need tickets - book here


Science Photographer of the Year Exhibition. Closes 5 January 2020. Location: London

Visual Art Group Members' Exhibition. Closes: 21 December 2019. Location: Doncaster

Scottish Members' Print Exhibition. Closes: 31 January 2020. Location: Inverness

North West Region Christmas Lunch and Speaker. 15 December. Location: Manchester

New Year on the Norfolk Coast. 31 December 2019. Location: East Anglia 

New Years Day at Titchwell. 1 January 2020. Location: Norfolk

South West Region Field Trip. 2 January 2020. Location: Cornwall

SW Visual Art Group Members' Day. 5 January 2020. Location: Devon

York Documentary Group Meeting. 9 January 2020. Location: North Yorkshire

Creating Good Impressions. 10-24 January 2020. Location: Cambridgeshire

North London January Meeting. 13 January 2020. Location: London

Portraiture & Getting the Most from your Subject. 16 January 2020. Location: Buckinghamshire

SW London Group Meeting in Putney. 14 January 2020. Location: London

East Anglia 2019 Members' Exhibition. 14 January-23rd February 2020. Location: East Anglia

Medical Group AGM and IMI Meeting. 17 January 2020. Location: London

South East Region Lightroom: Beyond the Basics. 18 January 2020. Location: East Sussex

Waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales. 19 January 2020. Location: Yorkshire

Peter Dazeley FRPS Presents a Triple Bill. 19 January 2020. Location: Berkshire

Distinctions Advisory Day (Observer places available only). 18 January 2020. Location: Scotland

London Region 2020 AGM. 20 January 2020. Location: London

London Midweek Explorers Visit Gray's Inn. 21 January 2020. Location: London.

South East Documentary Group Meeting. 26 January 2020. Location: West Sussex

Jane Kearney Talk ‘A Trip to The Falkland Islands’. 2 February 2020. Location: Somerset

Southern Documentary Group Meeting. 3 February 2020. Hampshire

London Region Members' Exhibition Open Evening. 5 February 2020. Location: London

London 2019/20 Members' Print Exhibition. Open: 6 February-2 March 2020. Location: London

Arundel Castle and the River Arun. 7 February 2019. Location: West Sussex

Mike McNamee FRPS Talk ‘Honing the Creative Image’. 9 February 2020. Location: Cheshire

North London February Meeting. 10 February 2020. Location: London

Walking, Photographing and Processing in the Lake District. 11-13 February 2020. Location: Cumbria

Scottish Members' Print Exhibition. 8 February-1 March. Location: Aberdeen

Outing to Welney Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. 15 February 2020. Location: Norfolk

Architecture and Abstracts. 16 February 2020. Location: Manchester

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International events

Sr Eie Eventblog Image
CREDIT: Siegfried Rubbert LRPS

Example is Everything

Location: Germany
7 November 2019 - 19 January 2019

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus, the major university of design, which was founded in Weimar in 1919 by the architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969). Under the Motto ​"Rethinking the World", the nationwide Bauhaus Association 2019, together with ten federal states invites you to rediscover the historical testimonies of the Bauhaus as well as its significance for the present and future.

The exhibition will show photographs by members of the Royal Photographic Society - German Chapter, which is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019. In the course of the year, the Society's photographers have devoted themselves to this topic and present their results to inspire visitors for their participation in the "work in progress".

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Example is Everything Exhibition. Closes 19 January 2020. Location: Germany

Photo19 Zurich. 11 January 2020. Location: Switzerland

Benelux Study Group Meeting. 21 January 2020. Location: Holland

Getting the most out of printing your digital images. 25 January 2020. Location: Switzerland

Benelux Annual General Meeting 2020. 8 February 2020. Location: Belgium

Benelux Study Group Meeting. 18 February 2020. Location: Holland

Benelux Study Group Meeting. 24 March 2020. Location: Holland

Proportions: German Chapter 10th Exhibition. 18 October-14 November 2020. Location: Germany