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New Trustees at the RPS

Four dynamic Trustees have been co-opted onto the RPS Board

We are pleased to announce the appointment of four new co-opted Trustees.

Simon Hill HonFRPS, RPS President, writes:

“The Board of Trustees has been operating at almost half-strength for some considerable time, which is neither good for the RPS nor for the individual Trustees.  Following a skills audit and selection process managed by Andy Golding, I am delighted to report that we have four temporary co-opted Trustees joining the Board with immediate effect.  Our co-opted Trustees will bring a new range of skills and experiences to the existing Trustee team and will serve until the elections later this year.  The Board of Trustees is now the most diverse in the 168 year history of the RPS and this will help us deliver on our ambition to open-up the RPS to a much wider audience and to a more inclusive membership.”


Our four new Trustees are:

Sarah J Dow ARPS

“2020 will go down as one of history's global inflection points and – newly appointed to the Distinctions Licentiate assessment panel – I saw first hand how the RPS rose meet the needs of members and photographers everywhere, pouring forth dynamic initiatives that have transformed how the photographic community connects to the Society.

This could not have happened without some incredible drive and vision in all corners of the organisation, and it is a genuine privilege to be joining such a progressive Board of Trustees at a time when it’s evolutionary flywheel is pressed to changes in modern life beyond the pandemic, ensuring the future of the Society as it inspires and connects photographers everywhere, bringing more opportunities and creativity across the photographic spectrum.”


Dr Avijit Datta


“One of my favourite films is ‘Brief Encounter’ starring Celia Johnson; in contrast, my relationship with photography is life-long. Over the last two years, I’ve followed the RPS Board and Strategy in meeting the challenges it faces in membership engagement and pursuit of the aims within the Royal Charter. I identify with the values of the Board of Trustees & CEO and the cohesive collaborative manner with which it works tirelessly for the benefit of members.  I’m delighted to join them in making the RPS lead Photography worldwide.”


Mervyn Mitchell ARPS

“I am delighted to join the RPS Board and look forward to adding my knowledge and expertise, particularly in the area of Diversity and Inclusion.”


Barry Hoffman ARPS

"I am delighted to be rejoining the RPS Board of Trustees. It is such a great charity to be part of and I am thrilled at the progress RPS has made in reaching a wide audience and evolving to meet the needs of members. I am looking forward to once again experiencing the passion and the creativity that the RPS inspires”.

Full biographies of each of the above, together with all our Trustees, can be found in “Meet the Team”.