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Zoom 2

The Wonders of Zoom!

Zoom has changed our lives! Well mine anyway!

With this current Covid situation, Zoom has become the collective word for video conferencing, like Hoover is for vacuum cleaners.  But whichever app you favour it has become, for many, an important tool for communication during our home confinement. To keep in touch, have meet ups, learn new skills or just sit and watch interesting speakers from your, chair, sunbed or even your bed!

The RPS very quickly responded and have offered extremely interesting insights into the lives and histories of well renowned photographers and are continuing well into the autumn with a long list of talks and exciting workshops that we can dip into and many at no additional cost.  It’s a great time to be a RPS member,  and there is a great offer for membership available too.

Regions and Special Interest Groups are getting onboard too, offering cancelled speakers online as well as seeking new presenters and offering 'Hands On' workshops.  Lots of planning and thinking is going on behind the scenes to bring you a new online timetable of events for the next few months.

The South East Centre of the Digital Imaging group, with assistance from the DIG Committee, are collaborating with the Creative Eye Group to offer Steve Gosling's presentation The Nature Of Creativity at the end of June.  Collaboration is good, sharing innovative ideas, reaching a wider audience, and combining skills is surely the way forward?