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The Decisive Moment cover December 2018 Edition 14; 87570 - The Cooks Osteria Ermes Modena
CREDIT: Joan Ransley

The Decisive Moment Dec 18

The Cooks Osteria Ermes Modena

Documentary Photography published by the Royal Photographic Society - Documentary Group

In this edition we have a range of features on cultural and environmental themes, including an interview with Simon Roberts HonFRPS and documentary projects covering The European Green Belt, Arctic sea ice and repair culture.

Once again, we feature an impressive selection of Members’ Images. I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with group members on this part of the publication - working with their images and reading about the different approaches and inspirations for the work. Thank you for taking the time to submit your work. 

We also have a look at the 209 Women project and exhibition, which leads into the focus for the March 2019 edition of DM – Women in Photography.  

Please keep sending your work and projects to, further details are on page 3 of this edition.