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Timothy Foster All Roads Lead To Wigan Pier 'Nuclear Blue' Ice Cream Served By Farhad A 3Rd Generation Icecream Man
CREDIT: Timothy Foster

Timothy Foster - All roads lead to Wigan Pier

'Nuclear blue' Ice cream served by Farhad a 3rd generation icecream man

Tim Foster's project 'All roads lead to Wigan Pier' was featured in The Decisive Moment in 2017. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign a photographic book will be produced early next year.

A colourful 100 page photographic book about artist Timothy Foster's hometown of Wigan in 'Lancashire', 80 years after George Orwell walked its streets. With an introduction written by Orwell's son - the book blends the past and present with quotes from George Orwell's astounding book, 'The road to Wigan Pier', and personal encounters with the artist that are often funny, reverent and energising. Foster's words and photography combine his knowledge of local customs with current affairs to document the ongoing moment, but also to poke fun at himself and our own misconceptions whilst cross-referencing Orwell's accounts of the time, and, acknowledging that somethings from the past don't always go away - they just change in form.

Read the Documentary Group journal article in Edition 9 of The Decisive Moment.

See more about the project at