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CREDIT: Rachel Wallace

Developing Documentary - workshops and talks

New Workshops and Talks for documentary photographers

New Workshops and Talks

Documentary projects - We have now completed our new Documentary Groups plans to develop a series of workshops specifically for documentary - covering conception to completion.

We have developed a short series of workshops focussed on the entire life-cycle of a project, covering: 

  • Starting out - building a photographic series  - the idea, research, and planning 
  • Execution - field work - shooting with narrative in mind, keeping notes, exploring new avenues, staying on track, finishing...
  • Finishing Up - editing and sequencing for engagement and impact.  Getting it out there  - publishing, showing, and publicising

See our Events section.

We are now developing a new Engagement Talk series, showcasing documentary and long term project workers. Our first dates are on the Events page.

Developing your projects