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Last Light on Catbells: The image was all about the day’s last light dancing on the fells.
CREDIT: Simon Turnbull

Learning to See the Natural World on a Smaller Scale

by Jon Martin

We’re all bombarded with gloriously ‘epic’ images and I’ve certainly spent my fair share of time attempting (and failing) to emulate them. You know the ones: a lone stag standing on the ridge of a highland mountain, its breath caught in the frosty morning air. Or a weathered lighthouse with a monstrous wave crashing into its side as the thunder gods wreak havoc in the sky. I especially envy the shots from the Lake District, a place very close to my heart, of a glorious atmospheric sunrise, perhaps a cloud inversion, a gnarled old tree clinging to a crag.  

Fire and Ice: A sharp frost in my local woods by Simon Turnbull
CREDIT: Simon Turnbull