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TV Times 1
CREDIT: Gareth Hughes

TV Times 1

This is the first of what we plan to be (at least initially) a monthly News Sheet. It will update you on events that the Region is hosting now and in the future, other potentially photographic events in the Region, and items that are being discussed by the Committee.

At the first meeting of the new Committee we welcomed our new members Paul and Angela Morgan and Dinah Haynes. This was followed by a discussion of events that are planned for 2022. We are aware that most of you will already belong to a Camera Club, we are not a Camera Club – our objective, as well as responding to any ideas you may have, is :-

  • To promote the RPS in the Region – notably by increasing awareness in Clubs and Universities and the general photographic community in the Thames Valley

  • To create photo opportunities (see below)

  • To organise advisory days

Click on the link for the full Newsletter

tv-times-1.pdf (