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TV Times 7

TV Times 7

Second group after visit to The Royal Collection to see 19C images in the collection including some by Roger Fenton

Last Month

A busy month. 40 members checked in to Roger Reynolds Zoom talk on judging which included many stunning images taken by Roger. Sadly Teri’s talk on Women in Photography had to be postponed but there was a successful day with Martin Addison at Woosehill. The great news is that we have 2 members that have offered to help with the Woosehill Programme so the TV Events team is working on the 22-3 programme. Thanks go to Chris and Bryan for stepping up. Woosehill is an important part of our offering to members and special thanks go to Janice who is stepping down as Woosehill Programme Secretary after a magnificent effort over an extremely difficult period during the pandemic. The team, Alan, Carol, David and Steven have put in so much time and effort to keep it up and running – thanks guys.

The other news is that we have been joined by Jonathan Bowker who will take on the non Woosehill events in TV. Jonathan is being helped by Andrew Turner.

I have to admit being disappointed to the response to a possible Jubilee photobook. So far only 5 members have volunteered to send me images. I am sure most of you took pictures over this unique weekend so it’s not too late to send me some to

Further ahead

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