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TV Times 9

Burnham Beeches

What a time we live in! Nothing seems constant. New King, New PM (x2) and a new manager at my beloved Aston Villa. The RPS has not been immune with Evan leaving us and Tracy leaving at the end of the year.

I apologise for a reduced level of activity over the summer. Partly this was planned but it was exacerbated by the issues we had with the Booking System. The events at Woosehill are now running again thanks to Alan and Brian, we have our first advisory day in many years coming up thanks to Kathy Chantler (depending on when you get this) and our AGM on the 19th.

The AGM is on the 19th November at 2.30. I will be via zoom The presentation after the AGM will now be given by Steven Galvin on the topic of ‘Stacking’. As is normal a number of Committee members will be standing down notably, I guess Kathy who has been on the TV committee under 3 RO’s for at least 8 years. We also lost Janice in the Summer as she took up another time consuming job involving photography.

The effective running of TV depends on the volunteers that give up a little of their time (or a lot) to put on events. If we are to continue it is vital that we ‘replace’ those that leave and we are still short of committee members that are active in the north of the region around Oxford, Milton Keynes, Bedford and Banbury. I would urge members there to put their names up for election – to organise events in this area we need people with local knowledge. Please email or phone me (see below).

Other upcoming events

Burnham Beeches Sunday 13th November
There will be a walk here starting at 10am. Whilst there may still be some Autumn colour the emphasis will be on searching out fungi so maybe bring knee pads. Details will be up on the website but here is the necessary info. People can walk as a group or do their own thing

10.00am Sunday 13th November
Autumn tints and fungi at Burnham Beeches.
Any camera. Any lens but maybe try a Macro
Walking boots. Knee pads(?)
Toilets and refreshments available.
Parking charge of £3
10 people

Lord Mayors Drive Car Park SL2 3LBMap

Ann Miles - Nature, Macro and Creative Photography 20th November

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