Mauro Arena

Mauro Arena

I’m a portrait and documentary photographer based in London.

With particular interest in marginalised people and communities, my work is my journey through difficult aspects of life as a means to build bridges and awareness, through the narrative, between modern stereotypical society and more complex existences.

With my work I seek to became more conscious of the environment I live in and I aim to portray aspects of society that are often hidden away or misrepresented.

I approach the stories and the people in them without judgment. I like to sit next to them so that I can listen to them and tell their story as they wish it to be told rather than being shaped to fit glamourised standards.

Before becoming a professional photographer, I worked for over 20 years as a trainer, a coach and a mentor developing young professionals within the travel industry. My past experience now plays an important role in my work as a photographer as it helps me in creating an instant connection with the people I photograph.

With my photography I wish to celebrate human values in all their colours and shapes whilst also being open and honest about the social differences and taboos, which can limit peoples’ minds rather than liberating them.