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Online Advice

Our online advice system is a free service that allows members of The RPS to upload a proposed body of work with the intention of applying for one of our three Distinctions. 

The following points are important to remember when making an application: 

1. Online advice should not be considered an alternative to attending an advisory day. Where possible, we recommend attending an advisory day after receiving the feedback. Applications are limited to one per applicant.

2. Images may look different on other monitors. We recommend that you always work on a calibrated monitor.  

3. All advice is given on the understanding that it is the personal opinion of the Panel Chair/Member and may not reflect the majority view when assessed.

4. Due to the size of the images, the adviser is unable to comment on the technical quality. Technical quality is part of the assessment will be down to the applicant to ensure the standard is achieved when applying for the relevant Distinction.

5. The comments within the feedback should be taken as suggestions only. It is up to you as the photographer to present your work in they way that best reflects the aims and objectives of your submission. 

Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to receive advice before an Assessment. Requests received less than six weeks before a booked assessment will be rejected.

"I’m really impressed by the obvious time and effort put into the feedback. I fully take on board the comments and I think there is a real benefit in having an experienced and objective view of work. This has given me a definite steer in the right direction and I can’t thank that person enough."
Neil Milne LRPS  

Preparing your images

Please ensure you follow these instructions before you apply for Online Advice

  1. Images must be JPG format Please do not use upper case file extensions (.JPG) as the website will not accept the image. You must use lower case (.jpg) A fix for this is being worked on
  2. Images must be sRGB
  3. The recommended image size is 1400px wide or 1050px high
  4. Keep file sizes below 2MB
  5. You must number each image 01, 02, 03 etc.
  6. Spare images must be numbered "Spare01" etc.
  7. File names must not contain symbols such as £$%~ etc.
  8. A hanging plan or sequence plan must be included
  9. A Statement of Intent must be included if you are applying for an ARPS or FRPS.
Please Note:

Be sure to only upload the following files.


10 Images exactly
1 Hanging/Sequence plan 
A maximum of 5 spare images

Associate (ARPS)

15 Images exactly
1 Hanging/Sequence plan 
1 Statement of Intent 
A maximum of 5 spare images

Fellowship (FRPS)

20/21 Images 
1 Hanging/Sequence plan
1 Statement of Intent  
A maximum of 5 spare images


Apply now

Click below to start uploading your images once you've read the instructions above and have prepared your files accordingly.

Online advice

Contact us

For help with your Online Advice please contact:

Simon Vercoe
Distinctions Assistant
T: +44 (0)117 3164473

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday GMT.