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18 Riverside Danger Of Drowning

Susan Brown FRPS

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Statement of Intent

The Fence

There are times when I feel frustrated with my photography and need to find a new direction. I have a feeling of being trapped, stuck in my comfort zone, in effect I feel fenced in. This fosters a desire to get beyond that fence even though I am unsure what lies ahead. If an obstruction is preventing me from proceeding with my ambitions there is a strong determination to overcome it. Yet conflicting emotions sometimes mean that being fenced in gives a feeling of protection and of safety; perhaps I should just remain where I am.

The very shallow depth of field used throughout this body of work means that what lies beyond the fence is unclear and provokes many questions. Some fences are easily breached allowing access to our innermost feelings and imagination; others are more difficult to traverse giving rise to feelings of being trapped; or safe, depending which side of the fence we are on. High-screened fences can irritate and invite wanton vandalism from those determined to reveal the secrets beyond.

The characteristics of a fence often match the importance of the denial to enter or exit and also give a clue to location.

When I was last in Australia, I met up with the Landscape Photographer, Len Metcalf. I expressed my desire to do something different, his advice to me was to go through my lenses and see if I had anything I didn’t use, if so use it exclusively for 6 months. I did just that; a 50mm f1.2 lens and constantly at F1.2. This made me use fast shutter speeds and could work tripod free; it was like looking at the world with new eyes. This panel, The Fence’ is the result.